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By: Marvin Germo | November 22, 2019

Loans Here and There

Are you currently buried in loans right now? Do you wish to find the solution to your problem? Well, getting another loan is not the answer! Whether you are a simple employee getting a salary loan or a businessman borrowing cash for your business, it’s not ideal to use another loan to pay off your existing debts. The tendency when you borrow money repeatedly is that you won’t get out of the loop easily even if you wish to. It’s better to plan the flow of your money ahead so you would know exactly what to do at the date of your loan payment. Do not waste your money paying interests. You must help yourself!

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Hustling More Is The Answer

Rather than thinking of getting another loan, why don’t you think of getting sidelines instead? If you think the salary you are getting every month cannot cover your loans, let alone pay your bills, you must be resourceful. Brainstorm other ways to earn like selling or doing freelance services. There are many people who are doing this nowadays—selling something online to generate extra cash and offering their services occasionally. Again, borrowing money again will not solve your problem.

Stop Buying Your Luxury

If you know your salary can’t afford expensive things, do not buy them! Do not prioritize your luxury over the things you need. You must stop spending on the things you want and prioritize paying off your existing debts so you can get out of it easily. It’s a lot of sacrifices but remember why you want to pay off your loan in the first place. Is it for relief so you won’t have to think of it every time the due date approaches? Is it so that you could save? Think of your goals and stop buying luxuries for now.

Budgeting Is important

Budgeting is very important when talking about paying off debts. You have to think carefully about how you can manage your cash or your salary because if you don’t you will never be free from your debts. There are a lot of ways on how you can learn to budget. You can ask for advice from your friends or your family members if you think you are bad at it. You can read books or watch videos and learn from the experiences of others. Again, it’s a matter of how eager you are to learn to budget.

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