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By: Marvin Germo | January 21, 2020

Not enough salary?

Did you know that you can go from broke to rich? Yes, it’s possible! I know some of you are always complaining about your salary not being enough to keep you going for the month. I know you’ve been venting out the expenses that are making you broke. However, is your salary really the problem? Is it really not enough? Or the problem is with how you spend your money? When evaluating things like this, try to look at both sides. Don’t just blame your minimum salary. Don’t just blame your expenses. If you want to go from broke to rich, read this.

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Adjust Your Expenses

Let’s just say your salary is not enough to cover your monthly expenses. The secret to avoiding getting broke is to adjust your expenses. If you are paying for a postpaid plan, drop it. You can use prepaid loads to control your expenses and save money. If you are aiming to buy new shoes every month, stop it. You don’t need a new pair of shoes monthly. Set aside that money for other expenses. You need to list down all the expenses you are paying on a regular basis and adjust them so they could fit in your monthly budget.

Save Money!

Don’t forget that this is the most important thing you need to do if you want to survive. You need to save money! You will never escape the broke world if you keep on spending your salary. You need to set aside a portion of it and deposit in your savings account. Do this so that every time you go broke, you can always get something out of your pocket. Treat your savings as a reserve. Prioritize saving rather than expenses. Expenses will keep coming back to you if you don’t know how to save.

Change Your Mindset

Sometimes, it’s in your mindset. The way you blame your minimum salary and the amount of your monthly expenses is how you can assess your mindset. If you keep on blaming other people and other things when in fact, you are the one doing the same mistakes repeatedly, you will never level up. You will forever experience getting broke. The secret to becoming rich is to think like rich people. You must keep in mind the discipline you need. You must save money and use it to create another source of income. You must not settle to one income source. You need to find something sustainable other than your current job. You need passive income.

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