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By: Marvin Germo | January 8, 2020

New Year, New You

You’ve probably promised this to yourself multiple times—I will be a new person this new year! Was there progress during the past years? Were you able to achieve something? If you are starting over again, don’t worry! It’s a new year, a new chance for you. You can still save for your future. You can still buy that property you want to invest in. You can still open up an investment account and start investing regularly. There is still time. It’s better to be late than sorry. As early as now, increase your savings. Here’s how you can do it every month.

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Check Your Monthly Income

Do you keep a record of your payment slip? That’s a good way to start because you need to check your monthly income. You can base your monthly savings on the total income you are getting every month. For instance, if you are receiving P20,000 a month, set aside 10% of it and leave the rest for your bills and monthly budget. Do it regularly until you develop a habit of saving. The regular you save money, the more savings you can accumulate every year.

Increase The Percentage

A lot of people do this. They increase the percentage of their savings ever month. Say, for example, if you saved 10% last month, you can get 15% of your income this month. You can be flexible as much as you want by rising the percentage gradually. This will help you to save faster and at the end of the year, you will see a better figure in your savings account. The larger you save, the larger your savings are. It’s a big contribution as well if you would take savings as your first priority rather than your expenses. Think of it as a mandatory activity. Do not take this as an option if you really want to be financially free in the future.

Do Not Skip A Month 

As I’ve mentioned, do not make savings as your option. Try to feed in your mind that this is something you will do mandatorily this year. Do not skip a month without putting an amount of money into your savings. If you skip a deposit, your habit will break. It does make a difference even if you try to put double the amount next month. Set a due date for yourself so you won’t forget when it’s the time of the month to save.

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