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By: Marvin Germo | April 21, 2019

Online Investments Are Increasing

As of now, there are about less than a hundred of investment types circulating the internet and mostly are posted on Facebook. It is just today that online investments like this are becoming a hype. A few reasons include needing just a small amount of capital and high returns that can be earned as fast as 30 days based on the advertisement. Although it’s obvious that the rate of return is too good to be true, there are still investors who fall for this because of their want to yield as fast as they can. So, how would you know if a certain online investment is legit or not?

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Check The Permits and Licenses

One way you can check if a newly established company is legal is if it has the proper permits and licenses. Some companies, however, will do post fake documents online just to encourage investors that they are operating legally. To check their licenses, you can directly head to the website of Securities and Exchange (SEC) and search for the name of the enterprise. If the name is there, this means that the enterprise is registered and should be operating based only on the permit they have. Otherwise, you should have your second thoughts about investing in it because you’re risking not just your money but your time and effort as well.

Read The News Prior To Investing

Some people you know might refer you to these online investments. Expect that they will say everything good about it until you buy in. Good business talks can make you invest but remember that you, as an investor, should have your own way on how to prove the legitimacy of the firm. Aside from checking the permit, you should also read the news as most of the big scam businesses are already reported to the authorities. One instance is when SEC revoked the license of Kapa to operate as a community ministry. According to the news, this enterprise is operating beyond what should it be doing. News like this can enlighten you and tell you the facts about the enterprise you’re going to invest in.

Look For Other Investments

If you’re doubting about an enterprise and still not sure about its legitimacy, you have the option to try other legit investments out there. You should be aware that when you invest in a company that uses ponzi scheme or multi-level marketing, you would face a greater risk of losing money because this type of enterprise depends on the money coming from new investors. If the entry of new investors lessen or stop, where do you think these companies will get the cash to pay for your returns? If you’re a conservative investor, you should think twice about gambling the money you have. Instead, look for other investments that are obviously legit like stocks investments and trading through COL, mutual funds and UITF through well-known fund managers, and building your own business.

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