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By: Marvin Germo | December 9, 2019

What Is Vlogging?

I am sure a lot of you are familiar with vlogging already and it isn’t just creating videos of something to be uploaded on Youtube or Facebook. It is an art of creating a video for an audience. Basically, the video you are making, if you are a vlogger, is directed to an audience or your target market. You have to consider those who will watch your video before you upload it. The content should be aligned with what they are expecting to see or hear. Now for those who are asking, how do you make money through vlogging if you are just starting?

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Pick A Niche

One thing you should remember if you want to make money is picking a niche. Your videos will only be on demand if your audience likes what they see and hear. I recommend that you narrow down your genre or the content you will make so to attract more viewers. If the topic is too general, people will get bored with what you are trying to make out of that video. So, when vlogging, make sure you pick a specific or high-demand topic to start getting viewers and earning.

Choose Your Platform and Stick With It

I’m sure you are tempted to upload your videos everywhere—on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. However, that won’t help you get more viewers. To make money through vlogging, choose only one platform and stick with it. If you prefer Youtube, then it’s a good marketplace for you since the majority of the subscribers and viewers are there. Do consider other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as there are also netizens who only stay in those social media apps. What’s good about choosing only one platform is that you will be able to concentrate all your efforts on it. Youtube has been a place for top vloggers and it will be for you if you follow what I recommend in this article.

Be Patient And Stay Active

Creating content, vlogging, and uploading are easy activities. Vlogging itself is complicated especially if it’s just your first time doing it. You won’t just create videos for nothing. You have to do it because it’s in demand and you have to help your audience get something beneficial from it. When vlogging, make sure to be patient. You won’t make money right away, your vlog won’t be a success overnight. It takes time before your vlog gets recognized by the viewers. Aside from being patient, you have to stay active when vlogging if you don’t want your content to be buried deep down. As much as possible, create videos every day and notify your followers about it. It’s one way you can let your audience know that you are serious about what you are doing.

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