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By: Marvin Germo | October 10, 2019

Is It Possible To Save Money?

A lot of you may wonder if it is still possible to save money when you are the breadwinner. Well, there is nothing impossible if you want to achieve it. All it takes is a major adjustment to your expenses and priorities, which can be done if you really want to save money for your future or for the future of your family. For the breadwinners out there who are looking forward to saving or invest in the future, here I share what you need to practice.

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Saving As A Priority

I know there are a lot of priorities already as a breadwinner and we cannot just avoid that fact. However, saving money must also become your top priority so to start building your financial freedom. Although there will be challenges because breadwinners always prioritize to pay the bills and expenses of the family, everything is possible if you are ready to accept those adjustments. Breadwinners should not just think about the bills to pay today. You should also think about what your life is going to be 5 to 10 years from now if you save or not save money.

Minimize Your Expenses

This idea always helps when we talk about saving money. If you can’t make your earnings a little bigger, make your expenses a little lesser. Minimize your expenses so you would have more extra cash to put in your savings account. Prioritizing saving comes with minimizing your expenses. Cross out the things you don’t need to shop for this month. Shop for bulk items if that will give you bigger discounts. Do not always walk past the sale sign in malls. If you can, bring your home-made food at work and avoid getting coffee at Starbucks everyday.

Put Your Money In A Low-Risk Investment

The problem when you are a breadwinner is that even if you put your money in a savings account and it’s just there, there is a big possibility that you would withdraw it for whatever purpose. So, it’s better if you put your savings in a low-risk investment that’s liquid so you can still pull it out at some point in time. This will help you lessen the possibility of withdrawing your money after days of saving it. And if you are capable, build up your emergency funds as well so you would have money to pull out during emergency cases.

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