In stocks and basketball, it's teamwork that wins championships! - Marvin Germo

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In stocks and basketball, it’s teamwork that wins championships!

By: Marvin Germo | June 16, 2014

First of all congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs for taking the 2014 NBA Championship!  This goes to show that a team that is well oiled, working with one goal and one heart can always beat a team with one, two, or even three superstars.  This is a great story of how you can lose, comeback and win it all again!

The San Antonio Spurs filled with aging veterans beat out the Miami Heat with Superstars in their prime.  The biggest difference?  Everyone in the Spurs bench knew what they we’re doing, they had all had a role, there was no superstar but just everyone had one goal in mind — to WIN a CHAMPIONSHIP!  That is why, Tim Duncan at 38 years old, who won his first championship in 1999 still has one of the best teams in the planet 15 years later at 2014. Because he knows he does not have to do everything on his own.  That winning for the long term requires a team.  Great skill and talent can make you win a championship in 1 or 2 years.  But great teamwork will keep you going winning over and over and over across years.

Spurs Championship

How does this apply to stock trading and investing:

1.  It’s easy to win and earn in the market when everything is bullish.  But what happens when everything turns, when recessions happen, or when the stock market is not as attractive as what it is when the market is bullish.  As these things happen your goal should be to create a strategy that will allow you to plan your trading and investing both in good markets and bad markets.  This is so you do not rely on tips or your emotions in your buying and selling.  As what we have all seen, not all stocks will be like double dragon!  The run from 2-10 for double dragon happens from time to time in markets but it does not occur all the time.  You would not want to win in your first 3 months of investing and then lose or get sub par stocks in the next 20-25 years of your investing career!  Your goal is to make something sustainable that will last for generations!  Your goal should be to create wealth not just for you but for your wealth to be a blessing for generations to come!

Spurs win 2

2.  To create a great stock portfolio, surround your portfolio with great stocks!  Not just with 1 or 2 stocks but something proportional to how big your portfolio is!  The larger the amount you are trading the more careful you also have to be on how you manage your portfolio.  That’s where you create a good mix of stocks, maximizing stocks that are in uptrends, accumulating stocks that are just about to turn around, while taking profits on stocks that are starting to reverse and go down.  Similar to the Miami Heat, Lebron James was not enough to make the Heat win this year.  Double Dragon had a great run but you would not be profitable in the market over a long period of time by just relying on just one stock.  You need to have a good mix where you are positioning, selecting, and timing play a key role.

That is why in stocks and in basketball, it’s teamwork that wins championships because it is the combined effort of all of your stocks in your portfolio along with your selection and timing that will make you profitable over the long term!


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