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By: Marvin Germo | January 27, 2019

You need to increase your cashflow

Sometimes it’s not just about budgeting, making ends meet and saving as much as you can. If cashflow is tight per month, the next thing that you could do is try to find ways on how you can make your money grow and make it come in on a regular basis.

For this blog post I am sharing a video interview with Randell Tiongson on how you can increase your cashflow and as we tackle other significant items in personal finance such as financial planning, life insurance and investing.

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Also in this article I also I posted snippets of his post Understanding Cashflow

1. Make more money

The most straightforward way to have more money is, well, to make more money. So invest in your best asset — yourself! Read books, widen your knowledge, improve your skills to expand the range of income streams you can have. For me, it was reading books that improved me; I became a better writer and teacher through reading, and I also learned a lot of things directly or indirectly related to my profession. Having more marketable skills will increase your earning power and positively influence your cash flow.

2. Invest in learning

Invest in learning. This is a part of investing in yourself. The more you know, the more ways you can find to make money. Whether that’s by improving yourself in your current company or learning ways you can start your own business or sidelines, learning is an investment that will never go to waste.

3. Be enterprising

I’ll admit that I don’t think entrepreneurship is for everyone. However, I still think that more Filipinos can go into entrepreneurship. But it’s important that you go into it armed with knowledge — among others, you should read about the business you want to get into, observe the market, make sure your business plan is solid, and have an exit plan. It would also help to start small, such as basic buy and sell or commission selling. There are many opportunities for the beginning businessman (or woman); these 9 businesses you can start for less than P50,000 is a good jumping-off point. The number of SMEs in the country is increasing, and it’s always heartening to hear success stories. If you prepare correctly, and with God’s grace, you could be one of them. A successful business or sideline will do wonders for your cash flow.

4. Spend less money

. Making more money takes time and effort. It may take months for you to get that pay raise, or even longer for your business to start raking in profits. You know what takes less effort and has immediate effects? Spending less money! I’ve said it so many times that you might feel like I’m a broken record, but it’s still true — the way to wealth is spending less than what you earn and investing the difference. If you do this for the long term, you’re sure to meet your goals.

While it may take objectively less effort to spend less than to make more, it also feels a lot more painful. We Filipinos have a culture of spending. How many times have we promised ourselves that we’d be more diligent about spending, only to go out and make unnecessary purchases?

The thing we must remember is spending on things we want, as pleasurable as it might be, is only temporary. This doesn’t mean that you should never spend money on “unnecessary” things, but you should never let it affect your financial well-being. Track your spending, identify where you can cut back, and control your spending — don’t let it control you.

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