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Independence day and Financial Independece

By: Marvin Germo | June 12, 2014

Happy Independence day!  From one proud Filipino to another, I dream to see our country rise again and zoom to the top and play with the other economic powerhouses in the world.  And I believe that as our economy grows, so should the financial literacy and the portfolios of all of our kababayans across the board.

I believe it will happen and it can be done in our generation!  We are in the midst of a great economic turnaround that we have never seen before.

A performer holds a Philippine flag during the Independence Day celebrations at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila

In line with that and to celebrate independence day, here are tips from #ICON2014 Speakers on how you can achieve financial Independence:

On getting rich quick:

“There are no shortcuts to wealth.”

– Randell Tiongson, Best Selling Author of No Non Sense Personal Finance

On why you should invest in real estate:

“Invest in rental property, and let cashflow from rent pay for your monthly expenses. It’s a long term strategy, but your older self will thank you for starting while young.”

– Carl Dy, ICON 2014 speaker and Real Estate Guru

On how you can map out your financial independence:

“One can be financially free by just giving it proper ATTENTION. Set your goals, create a plan of action and then implement it.”

– Marvin Fausto, ICON 2014 speaker and founding president of the Fund Managers Association of the Philippines

On how you treat debt and being broke:

“When I lost millions, and was millions in debt, I only considered myself broke, never poor. Because Poor is permanent, it is a state of being; while broke is temporary, it will one day pass.”

– Jayson Lo, Best Selling Author of the Book Younique

On how you can make your business grow bigger:

“Expand on surplus!”

– Paulo Tibig, Best selling author of Entrep Champ

On what financial independence can secure for you:

“financial independence is a way of life where you view money not to buy things that you want but a way to ensure brighter future for your loved ones.”

– Mon Sto Domingo, ICON2014 Speaker and Financial Advocate of Sun Life Financial 

On when is the time that can you say you are rich:

“Rich is a moving target, only content people know what it means to be rich for life”

– Dennis Sy, Best Selling Author of the Book Rich For Life 

On the discipline of financial independence:

“Achieving Financial Independence is not rocket science, all you need to do is develop a strong discipline of savings and investing those savings for the long term. Of course do not forget to protect yourself too as you are the most important piece of the puzzle towards financial independence.”

– Jess Uy, ICON2014 Speaker and Global Investor

On your financial independence and purpose:

“Financial independence begins with changing the way you think about finances. Money and wealth is not something you pursue, it’s something that’s given to you as you pursue your purpose.”

– Leigh De Armas, ICON2014 Organiser and CEO of BrandSpeak Asia

On God’s provision towards Financial Independence:

“Set up clear goals and a path to achieve them, and give to God what is due Him and be a giver on the whole. Then, as you faithfully pursue these two, trust God for future provision!”

– Edric Mendoza, Anchor of ANC On The Money

On how to be financially free and happy:

“Make saving and investing regular and automatic early on. Delay purchase of luxuries and always align what you do with and for money with your core values.”

– Rose Fres Fausto, Author of book Retelling of the Richest Man in Babylon

 On your technique in investing:

“In investing, it’s always buy low and sell high.  When you go for value, price and gains always follows”

– Marvin Germo, Author of Stock Smarts


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