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Investment Rating Upgrade Made Easy

By: Marvin Germo | March 9, 2014

Sir Marvin, I missed your talk here in Dubai and just found out about it via your pictures over twitter.    I hope you could come back soon.  The reason why I am writing is because, I do not understand what the investment rating upgrade means to me as an investor?  I am just a newbie and got inspired by your book and posts online.  I hope you can answer  my question.”  — Remy L, Dubai, UAE

 Credti Rating Upgrade Philippines

Thank you for your question Remy!  You guys in Dubai are amazing!  I had a great time there sharing about stocks and investing to our kababayans there!  I dream of a day when we have majority of our OFWs investing in the stock market or have business of their own!  Imagine how big our market would be when we have OFWs investing instead of spending.  To answer your question, I have written several articles in the past both on this website and also in my column in BusinessMirror on how the investment rating upgrade affects us as a whole.  But to simplify things further this radio interview with TV5’s Maricel Halili breaks down what the investment rating upgrade is and how it affects to us as a whole.


Hope this interview gives you a bigger conviction on how amazing our economy really is!


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