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Is investing in crypto worth it?

By: Marvin Germo | March 23, 2021

Some of you might have invested in stocks, mutual funds, and real estate already. I’m sure, a lot of you were swayed by what currently happening in the crypto market. While stocks are down, Bitcoin keeps on going up. In fact, it just hit its ATH at $60k.

For those who are not yet investing in crypto or looking forward to it, I know you have a lot of questions and among those is the worthiness of crypto as an investment. Today, let me share some insights about how I view crypto as an investment.

Is crypto’s volatility bearable?

Like stocks, crypto has its upside and downside too. But unlike stocks, you seldom find information that you can use to analyze the fundamentals of a cryptocurrency. What you have is news. What makes crypto volatile is the fact that many investors play with it. Some short-sell it while some hold it only for a short time to take profits. There are also no fundamentals to rely on. Apart from the news, you just have the supply and demand in the market, which is most of the time, unpredictable. My advice to you is that if you can bear the risk of investing in a volatile investment, then crypto is a good portfolio. However, don’t put all your money into it. Start with a small amount if you want to try it first. To invest in Cryptocurrencies click here.

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What makes crypto a good investment?

Right now, crypto makes a good investment because of the changing view about it. Compared to some couple of years ago, people now are more than willing to own their share of Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s price keeps on increasing and some don’t want to get left behind when its value increases further. Crypto is a good investment as well because some big companies like PayPal and Tesla are starting to view it as real money for payment. If you believe that crypto is the money of the future, then I suggest you start investing now. To buy Bitcoin.

What should I do if lose?

Like any other market, the crypto market goes up and down. Usually, when crypto reaches an ATH, it corrects and pulls back a little bit. If you bought from the top, I advise you to relax, close your port, and do things that will distract you from it. Correction is normal and you don’t actually lose if your trade is still open. Wait for the market to finish its correction stage. Don’t sell your investments yet if the charts are still healthy.

Cryptocurrency might be the future currency. It’s only a matter of time before we see big changes. Based on the history of Crypto, I think there’s more room for it to increase in value. Now that it’s almost considered the same as gold, it’s very unlikely for it to drop big time. The market is healthy and I see no reason why you shouldn’t invest in it if you can tolerate the risk and volatility. Bitcoin Protection.

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