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By: Marvin Germo | October 8, 2019

Losing Is A Game

It’s not just about winning. You can’t expect everything to be in favor of you. You can’t always get that winning position every time you play the game. Losing is also a game and later on, you will realize that you can actually learn so much more when you are failing and struggling. But that doesn’t mean you will not aim to win anymore because losing is part of winning. Without it, you will not be able to appreciate the value of your assets and experiences. Today, here I share some of my bite-sized insights on why it is okay to lose money in an investment.

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You Learn From Your Own Mistake

One of the greatest reasons why it’s okay to lose money in an investment sometimes or during your first try is that you learn from your own mistake. There are times that you will hear the phrase “learn from other’s mistakes” but do you actually learn something without experiencing it first? It’s more essential to feel your wrongs first hand so you could make your own way on how to correct it. Although some mistakes cannot be corrected when done, you can formulate your own strategies so to avoid the risk of repeating the same action.

You Improve Your Sense Of Accountability

When you lose, you own up to your mistakes. You take the blame because there is no one else to blame but you. This is not a bad thing since you are improving your sense of accountability. That means you are learning to take responsibility for the things you cannot undo. Always remember that a good investor is not just someone who wins bigtime. He is someone who is accountable for his own actions. Losing will mold your character as an investor. Do not be afraid to lose money!

You Crave For Winnings 

It’s the nature of human beings to crave success every after failure. The same applies to you when you are losing money in the market. The only way to recover your lost cash is to win and earn from your investments. When you lose, you crave for winnings. And that’s the good side of losing. When you lose, you are already at the bottom and there is no other way but up. Do not forget about the idea of falling seven times and standing up eight. The more you lose, the more you should win.

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