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Is it wrong to be “Kuripot?”

By: Marvin Germo | February 6, 2014

Have you ever been invited to go out on a trip or eat in a restaurant, but you had to say no because at that moment it was not in your budget?  Did you ever get the response “ang kuripot mo naman!”

For years, the word “kuripot” has been used in negative a light.  It has been regarded to people who are called “kill joy” and don’t want to spend on luxury or vacations.

In this video, I was invited to guest in the show Rise and Shine to break the misconceptions about spending, saving, and being kuripot.

I really believe in a new generation of Filipinos who will save first than spend.  It’s not wrong to be kuripot if your financial goals are at stake.  It’s not wrong to be kuripot if your investments are on the line.  Better be called kuripot than spend all your money on trips and gadgets that do not appreciate in value!  You are not defined by what are people think of you.  Your value is not based on the stuff that you buy or the things that you own.


I believe you can do it, you can go against the flow of spending and being in debt and it all starts with saving and being “kuripot” from spending on things that you do not need!  I dream to see of a bigger middle class, to see more Filipinos move from poverty into more than enough.  This is a new day, this is your time to step into financial freedom!

I got so encouraged by one of the feedbacks to this article over facebook that I had to post this:

“It is not wrong to be “kuripot”, it is a sign that you are in control of yourself and well disciplined in following your budget/financial plans. The problem with many is that they are scared to say “no”, they lack the courage to say that word, and they also can’t control themselves from the invitation to follow their vanity- in most cases of unnecessary spending.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                         -Shiela Mae Almine Solis




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