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By: Marvin Germo | May 30, 2019

The Right Mindset

Is there business without losses? Is it possible to start an enterprise without risks? Is there a money back guarantee after months of doing business? Those who are asking these questions, for sure, have absolutely no idea of the risks of establishing a business. Yet, there are still people who think this way. It is true that there are conservative people who will not start a single business or investment unless there is no loss or the return is 100% after months of allowing their capital to grow. They are part of the 99% of the population who are still in the hem because they cannot accept the risks and failure in the market. Ask yourself, is this the right mindset you should have if you want to be financially free in the future? For those who are wondering if there is a business without losses, here’s the answer you’re looking for.

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No Best Investment, No Best Business

Instead of asking if there is a business without losses, ask how you can mitigate the losses once you start operating your business. A lot of good investors always tell you this—there is no best investment in the world. The same goes for business. There is no best enterprise but there is surely something that will fit you as an entrepreneur. Now to answer your question, there is no business without losses because losses are a factor of success. As someone who wants to venture into the business industry, prepare yourself to lose and get your strategies ready for you to be able to rise from the fall.

There Is No Straight Way To Success

Asking if there is a business without losses is like believing there is a straight way to success. The truth is, the path to success is not perfect. It is not straight nor smooth. There will always be rough and tough days which will bring you down until you feel like giving up. If you let the tough times get into you, you will lose yourself in the process. Always remember that your trophy awaits at the end of the road. Have your end-goal, formulate your objectives to give your business direction.

Earning Is A Long-Term Process

You will experience losses for years and that’s the reality of being an entrepreneur. It’s also possible that you will lose during the first years then breakeven until you reach the point where you won’t be worrying about your cash outflows anymore. But of course, you need to exercise some effective controls like not spending the money of your business if you want to break away from years of losing. Earning is a long-term process so be patient and remain motivated. Yes, you will lose at first but keep in mind that the end-goal here is to win. There is no such thing as a business without losses, only people who will not lose the principle of winning.

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