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By: Marvin Germo | February 10, 2019

What is your narrative?

The answer for this question depends. It depends on the effort you exert to get things done in a day-to-day basis. It depends on whether you are smart enough to work. It depends on how you use your money—whether you are allocating an amount to invest or spending it like a one day millionaire. It depends on how skillful you are. And lastly, it depends on how you think—do you have a positive mindset or are you not contented to work for an employer forever? Of all these “it depends” statements, there may be no one formula for success but there are best practices that you could use to win.

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The formula to success cannot be contained in a single sentence. Why? Because everyone is unique and that distinction is what make us different from one another. One factor to this formula I consider is passion. If you’re passionate about your work or anything that you do, there’s no surprise if you achieve your goals earlier than anyone else. One of the secrets to success is loving what you do. Remember what Steve Jobs once said, “the only way to do great job is love what you do.” If you want to be successful someday, put love on your job or on anything you want to accomplish.

Good Strategy

Wonder why rich people become successful even without enough capital to start their business? It’s because they have a good strategy to start off. In our current society where there are hundreds of big businesses dominating the industry, it is difficult to start a new one especially if you don’t have a strong foundation or at least an effective strategy to step ahead of those aggressive entrepreneurs. But no matter what the drawback is, you should put in mind that you’re just a good strategy away from being successful. It’s not easy but it is possible! Keep in mind that with good strategy comes a positive result!

Hard Work and Devotion

If you don’t work hard enough to achieve your goals in life, what’s the point of setting your goals? Let your list of goals and priorities empower you to become what you want to be in the future. The shortcut to success you’re looking for doesn’t exist, every hobby or task requires your time and effort. And if you put a lot of effort on what you do, this is twice more valuable that any skill or talent that you have! Although there are times that you would get disappointed because of the results, you have to keep that devoted attitude and the eagerness to learn from your mistakes and unmet expectations. Hard work and devotion now complete the variables you need to start your path to success.

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