Jollibee Stock Update - July 29, 2015 - Marvin Germo

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Jollibee Stock Update – July 29, 2015

By: Marvin Germo | July 29, 2015

“Hi Mr. Germo!  I’m glad that your website is now back up!  I’ve learned a lot from your website and I try to pass on the learnings to all my relaives back in Davao.  I missed your seminar here in Qatar last year and I hope you comeback soon.  I just wanted to ask, what is the status of JFC’s stock right now?  Thank you so much.  Your input means so much to me.  I am one of your biggest fans here in Qatar!”

Karen M.
Doha, Qatar

Hi Karen!

Thank you so much for the kind words!  I’m glad to hear that the website is something that is useful to your path to financial freedom!  I’m also glad that the site is now available with bigger and brigther features for your mobile device and tablet!  I have good news for you!  I will be back in Qatar this Septermber for 5 sessions of Stock Smarts!  This will cover different topics from the basics, techncials and fundamentals!  More details will be out soon!

To answer your question, JFC is still bearish, money is still coming out of it and investors appear to be selling the stock still. If you are investing in the stock, I would suggest to stay awy first, until any clear reversal is seen.  I  suggest you wait it out until we see that the market has stopped selling and that the stock has stopped from dropping.  It’s nice to buy a stock cheaper, like where Jollibee is now.  However, being that the stock is bearish, we do not know how low it would go.  JFC will turn bullish if it successfully breaksout and goes above  210.

JFC July 29 2015

If you are to trading the stock for the short term, it apprears JFC is holding on to a support at 186.  If it stays there and it continues to hold on to that level you may buy it at 186 with a quick target price at 198 (5% gain) or 206 (9.6% gain).   However please take precaution because if it fails to hold on to 186, the stock may drop to 180 (-3.% loss).  It would be good if you plan your trades well and trade with conviction as that is the best way to gain wealth in stocks.

JFC Stock

As what I always say, in my talks, the best place to be in stocks is when you decide based on your own strategy.  Hope this helps!  God bless you and have a great week ahead!


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