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By: Marvin Germo | June 18, 2019

Kids Are Starting To Invest

Investing in the stock market is not just for adults. In fact, I’ve met a couple of investors at the age of 7 to 15 years old who are starting to invest little by little. Kids are now starting to open up their minds with new sets of possibilities in stocks, bonds, and other funds that can serve as their passive income until the day they retire from work. It’s really a good thing to know that children in this new generation are seeing financial literacy as an advantage. Let’s move on from the idea that kids are just for toys and basic education. As parents, you need to encourage them to learn about the stock market as early as possible. Who says the stock market is hard to understand? Let me show you the videos of the kids whom I met around the world and already investing in stocks!

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Kids Don’t Want To Focus Too Much On Work 

As I’ve interviewed most of these kids, I’ve learned that most of them think that working too much when they grow up is not an ideal concept. Like adults, they don’t want to focus too much on work. Kids want to enjoy life as much as they can because being an employee for too long might cut good privileges and opportunities in life. It’s just the same as you. Regardless of your age right now, think like the way how these kids think about their future. Don’t focus on becoming an employee forever. You still have the chance to build your passive income. Start investing today!

Stocks Are For Long Term Investing

Why choose stocks among other investment portfolios? Is there anything good about stocks? The kids I’ve talked to regarding the stock market think that stocks are for long term investing, which is true. Investing in stocks is for life if you know how to take good care of your money. Another good side when you invest in the stock market is that you can do investing and trading at the same time if you want your money to grow faster. If these kids think that stocks can help them achieve their goals when they grow up, you can have that mindset too!

Retirement and Travel Goals

Kids nowadays look forward to traveling when they become adults. Speaking of traveling, don’t let your children plan their travel goals without teaching them first on how to save their spending money. Let them understand the value of saving and investing as early as possible. The kids in these videos I took dream of retiring early at their age of 35 to 40 and if they can, they want to travel around the world without minding about their responsibilities as employees. Now that they are starting to build the foundation of their passive income through stocks, you should miss this opportunity to try this out as well. If kids can, you definitely can too!

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