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More Than Just A Piece of Paper

By: Marvin Germo | August 14, 2014

Life insurance goes beyond just paying out sums on a regular basis.  As what I always say in my talks, investments make your money work hard for you and helps you beat inflation.  While insurance on the otherhand is somethign that protects you from risks that may come your way.  It is not about being morbid but rather being responsible to protect the ones that we love.

Our columnist Ge Cantor, is sharing an anonymous letter below about how valuabe life insurance is.  I personally would encourage everyone to start protecting themselves even before investing.  Stocks, Mutual Funds, UITFs, Forex, Real Estate and businesses are all great but we need to cover our basis and have life insurance as part of our portfolio!


LIfe Insurance

Here is an “anonymous” letter about the true value of life insurance and the LIFE & LOVE it gives.

To you, my friend,

You may feel that a life insurance policy is just a piece of paper filled with figures and legal phrases;

But once it is baptized with a widow’s tears or a retired or sick man’s anguish, it becomes a modern miracle;

It is transformed into food, clothing and shelter.  No longer is it a legal document; it becomes a love letter;

It eases the broken heart of the partner who remains behind and furnishes new hope and courage to carry on;

It makes a mortgaged home a deed instead of a debt. It puts milk in the bottle to quiet a hungry baby in the night.

It provides a college education for a child.  It is a father’s “I love you” to his children on their wedding day.

It is survival for an old man.  It is medicine for a sick man.  Life assurance means LIFE itself.


Gerard CantorGerald “Ge” Cantor’s mission is to help Filipinos save and invest for their future while protecting themselves and their families for the present.  Ge is a Financial Adviser of Pru Life UK, a Financial Planning Advocate of Personal Finance Advisers Philippines Corporation, a Registered Financial Planner graduate, a  Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA).


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