Mutual Funds, VULs, and UITFs? - Live Interview at Mellow 94.7 FM - Marvin Germo

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Mutual Funds, VULs, and UITFs? – Live Interview at Mellow 94.7 FM

By: Marvin Germo | July 14, 2014

There are so many possible investment options to date.  With more and more products out there, which is the best one? Better yet, which is the best one that fits you?

In a few hours, I  will be guesting live in Mellow 94.7  FM for #MoneySmarts this July 15, 2014 at 12 noon to talk about Mutual Funds, VULS, and UITFs.   The heart of the interview is to help you make sound investment descisions on which investment product would fit you.  My desire for you is that you make the best personal money descision and in doing so it would help you dreams of financial freedom.

Mellow 947fm interview

We will basically tackle the following during the live guesting:

1.  What’s the difference between a Mutual Fund, a VUL and a UITF?

2.  What are the risks?  Is my money safe if I put it there?

3.  Where does the money go?  Who makes the descisions?

4.  How much do I need to start investing?

5.    How does it differ from a time deposits and the stock market?

6.  How are the gains of each fund?

7.   How does it differ from direct stock investing?

Looking forward to you joining us in the show!  If you are on the road tune in via your car radio at 94.7 FM or if you are at the office stream the interview live at  I’m excited to see more Filipino move into financial freedom and I do hope this interview would further help you move in that direction!

God bless you!


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