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New Airports in Mactan and Bohol!

By: Marvin Germo | August 5, 2014

I just love talking about progress!  I believe that there’s just so much bad news moving around that my desire for my website is for people to see the brighterside in things, that inspite of all the negative news, there’s also a lot of positive things moving and working on our behalf.  Knowing that developments are happenig will give us a greater conviction to invest in the country!  It’s also nice to know which companies and sectors are involved because it will give us an idea who will earn from the multi Billion PPP projects.

Naia 1 New airport

Just an update on the new NAIA airport, it seems that the direction would (as a workaround for the short term) be to create a separate runway in Sangley which will function as the third runway which will be functioning in parallel with NAIA.  Along with this is the proposal to build a second runway in NAIA, build terminal 5, and then use Sangley as the third runway.  With an eventual possibily of transferring everything by 2025 in Sangley where the 4 runway, 10 Billion USD scenario would come into play.

Well that’s 11 years from now.  Let’s talk about what do we have in our plate.

1.  Upgrade of the Mactan International Airport

MActan Airport

Winner: Megawide (MWIDE)
Winning Bid: 14. 4 Billion Pesos
Current Stock Price: 12.80 Pesos per share (as of August 5, 2014)

What will happen:

1.  Megawide will operate the airport for 25 years, it will now allow more reforms and more customer centric service to develop.
2.  The international terminal would be built across the existing terminal.  This would be completed by 2018.
3.  The current terminal would become the domestic terminal this would also be rehabiliated and would be complete by 2019.
4.  This project would make Mactan airport a regional hub that will create more traffic and build business and tourism to the Visayas region.
5.  Commercial centers would be created adjacent to the airport which will further build the economy in Cebu.

2.  Cosntruction of Panglao Airport in Bohol

Bohol Airport

Winner: none yet, the project is still to be bidded out

-Taisei Corporation and JATCO (Joint Venture)
-Maeda and Toyo Corporation (Joint Venture)
-Sumitomo Corporation and Mitsui Construction Company Ltd. (Joint Venture)
-Chiyoda and Mitsubishi Corporation (Joint Venture)
-Shimizu Corporation

Project Cost: 4.8 Billion Pesos 

What will happen:

1.  The Panglao airport will replace the exisitng Tagbilaran airport
2.  This creates a world class international airport which will create direct access to the white sand beaches of Bohol and other scenic spots in around the island.
3.  Similar to the Mactan airport this will increase bussiness, tourism, and increase more jobs in the island of Bohol
4.  The project is targeted to be completed by 2016.
5.  The new airport will supplement the expected traffic of 1.7 Million Passengers by 2016

As what we can see from the bidders the companies are all Japanese firms and the funding would be via the Official Development Assistance loan given by the Japan International Cooperation Agency.  It may not have any direct impact to any listed companies in the PSE but just the fact that progress is seen and can be felt is such ana amazing thing to see.

I really believe that the Philippine will rise to become a powerhouse in the years to come.  We may not be there yet, atleast we are taking steps towards the right direction.  Progress and infrustructure will pave the way for our economy to be sustainable in years to come!  I really believe that the greatest days of our country have yet to come!


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