Pancake House solidifies its Restaurant Base as it buys the Max's Group! - Marvin Germo

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Pancake House solidifies its Restaurant Base as it buys the Max’s Group!

By: Marvin Germo | July 1, 2014

This deal makes Pancake House one of the biggest Restaurant Chains in the country!  This makes them a close 2nd to the Jolibee group in terms of supremacy in the country!  Again this is another consumption stock at its finest!

Maxs Restaurant

This deal would strengthen this company and give them the following: 

1.  Pancake House
2.  Yellow Cab
3.  Max’s Restaurant
4.  Krispy Kreme
5.  Dencio’s
6.  Teriyaki Boy
7.  Kabisera
8.  Sizzling Pepper Steak
9.  Jamba Juice
10.  Le Coeur De France,
11. Chicken Rice Shop
12.  Maple
13.  Max’s Bakery
14.  Singkit

Most of them are all common brands that Filipinos have attached themselves too.  This deal would make Pancake House Incorporated a force to reckon with!

Pancake House

The details:

1.  4.05 Billion Pesos Share Swap Deal between Max and  Pancake House
2.  Issue of shares to Max at 15 Pesos per share
3.  100% stock dividend will also be facilitated at 1 Peso par value that brings in around 250 Million shares.

Market Action:

1.  PCKH has moved up already from 12 Pesos per share to as nearly as high as 44 Pesos per share
2.  Market Capitalization is currently at 10 Billion Pesos


1.  This remains to be a consumer stock that is at the heart of middle class Filipino spending!  At this point its question of what price is it still good to buy this?
2.  How big of a change though will this create for a stock valuations wise?  I will be writing more on this in the next few days or weeks.!


1.  The stock remains to be bullish and news and hype may bring more buyers into the table.

PCKH Stocks

What should you do:

1.  Stick to your goal and strategy.  Buy based on fundamentals and  trade based on technicals.
2.  Don’t just buy on the hype and the news.  Trade when you have a firm conviction on what you are doing and executing.  


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