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By: Marvin Germo | September 18, 2019

Today’s Reality

We can’t deny that more and more people are relying on active income alone. While it’s not bad to consider active income for a living, you are missing out a lot of possibilities outside the comfort of your office if you focus only on one channel of income. You must be open to more opportunities to earn. Life is not meant to do just one thing while there are people who are happily enjoying the benefits of having passive and active income. For curious minds, here’s passive and active income and why you should have both.

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Trading Time For Money

If you are currently working as an employee or receiving your salary, you are earning by trading your time for money and this is most commonly known as active income. For most people, their job—whatever type it is, day job, freelancing, consulting, etc.—is their only source of income. This is a risky position in every angle. What if you lose your job tomorrow? What if the company you are working on gets bankrupt? There are a lot of what-ifs but it doesn’t mean you need to give up your active income just yet. It’s okay to hold on to it but do not focus on it alone. Open your mind to other possibilities like finding a source of passive income.

Earning From The Assets You Control

Some people have already discovered passive income a long time ago and having this as another source of income is a lifetime benefit. Why? Because you are earning from the assets you control like investments, businesses, properties, and funds. Those assets do not wither easily unless you dispose of them. In fact, assets appreciate in value with the factor of time. Passive income is more favorable than active income if you don’t want to spend 8 hours working on a desk. It can give you unlimited earnings as long as you can manage your assets well. It’s never too late to accumulate your assets and start earning passive income. Start today!

You Can Earn From Both

A lot of opportunities are out there, waiting to be taken. Active and passive income can be earned both without boundaries. You can work for a company and at the same time, have your money grow in some low to high-risk investments. Now, what should you focus on? Is it active or passive income? Well, the answer depends on you. You can focus on active income if you are hustling enough and have a little amount of passive income as an addition to your salary. On the other hand, you can start building your passive income assets so that you can retire from your employment. But remember that you can always do both.

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