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PBA’s Sel Guevara and her Money Story

By: Marvin Germo | July 18, 2014

For this edition of “Smart Stories” Where we feature Real People. With Real Jobs. With Real Finance Stories.  This week’s feature story focuses on hotshot PBA courtside reporter Sel Guvera.

Sel Guevara

Everyone knows Sel as a fitness junkie early in her Ateneo days and as a dynamic radio jock for RX 93.1.  In recent years, she has evolved into a broadcaster with TV5 and now has become one of the more recognized courtside reporters for the PBA.

Being in the financial consulting industry I have seen many people from sports, business, entertainment, and almost every other industry wherein they earn a lot but also spend a lot.  I was quite delighted to hear Sel’s story and how at an early age she saw the value of saving, investing and starting a business.

I hope you enjoy this short snippet and Q&A with Sel Guevara and I my desire is that her story encourages you to move forward with your dreams of Financial Freedom.  I dream of a day that we could see more and more Filipinos financialy free!

Sel Guvera Money

Are you investing?

Yes.  I have insurance and I also have a business where my money is working hard for me.

How can you have a business if you are busy with the PBA?

That is what’s amazing about it.  Since it’s a business there are times when it runs on its own.  However, the amount of earnings that I want is also proportional to the amount of effort that I put in.

Why did you start investing at such a young age?

I saw people around me that did not save and invest.  I saw how it impacted them when they got older.  I made a personal descision that what happened to them should not happen to me.  I choose to save early because I want to have a better future for myself.

Our family also got hit by Ondoy a couple of years back and that stirred something in me that I would need to save money for a rainy day.

Who influenced you to think about being financially free early?

My mom.   She has been in the financial industry for years.  And she inspired me that the sooner I start saving the better.

How do you budget your finances?

I check my earnings for a month and project that with my possible expenses.  I have learned to force myself to budget my money well because in my line of work I don’t get a fixed income like what employees have.  That is why I push myself to save regularly and repeatedly.  I push myself to budget and save at least 10-20% of what I get on a monthly basis.

I have learned that if I cannot afford it, I do not buy it.

What’s your take on debt?

I rarely use credit cards.  If ever I do, I would pay them quickly and on time.  I do not like the feeling of being in debt.  I hope everyone would learn how to properly use credit cards because it can do more harm than good specially if not used correctly.  I also try to pay my bills in advance because I do not want that looming feeling over my head that there is still something left unpaid for.

When do you plan to retire?

The reason why I’m doing my best to work and save now is because  I want to retire by my late 30s.  I want to save as much as I want now so that when I get older I have something to use and get to do the things that I want.  What people don’t see is that when they get older their ability to earn dimishes unless they have a business or they have investments.  That’s why I chose to start a business early and that’s why I am trying my very best to invest.

What do you think is the biggest money misconcepcion?

I believe it’s the idea that you can only earn well if you work hard.  Nothing wrong with working hard, but I beleive the best place to gain wealth is when you work smart.

What if more and more people started to not just work hard but also work smart!  We would see more young Millionaires out there!

What are your tips to help people save?

1.  Ask yourself this question what do I need and what can I live without?  You should only buy the things that you would need first and stay away from things that you do not need if you can’t afford it.

2.  Try to write all of your expenses  and try to track everything down to the very centavo. 


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*Pictures via Sel Guevara’s facebook page.  Shot by Paul Ryan Tan