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By: Marvin Germo | January 13, 2019

Should you franchise instead of starting your own?

Are you ready to start to venture into entrepreneurship this 2019? Should you start your own business and bootstrap everything or would it better for you to buy a business model that works. Franchising  has its merit and I have seen a lot of people do well  and have established a good stream of cashflow by buying established brands and businesses. The question you need to ask yourself is if franchising is for you or not.

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Franchising 101

Sharing to you the basics of franchising in the video below along with Sean Si’s tips on the pros and cons of franchising. Please remember there’s no such thing as a perfect business that won’t have any problem. That’s why it’s very important for you to find something that fits you and something that you like very much. Because it’s you having the will to slug it out that will make the difference in the very demanding world of business.

1) Risk is less
2) no need for ideas on new products and services
3) no need to think of potholes in your employee protocols
4) branding is already in place so no need to invest excessively in branding / marketing
5) No need to procure supplies on your own

The disadvantages are also double edged from the advantages

1) no room to be creative as everything is dictated by the franchise owner
2) you are getting the outlying locations and not the prime ones as the franchise owner usually got the prime ones already
3) if the franchise owner does anything to damage their brand, you are also affected.
4) you are required to pay royalties as long as your business exists – on top of taxes
5) if there are no innovations from the franchise owner, you are stuck with a stagnant franchise

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