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PSE Charts for the Week – DMC leads the pack!

By: Marvin Germo | February 24, 2014

Just got off the plane and still jet lag from the trips from Doha and Dubai!  Thanks to everyone who attended the OFIE-M Wealth Conference in Doha, Qatar two weeks ago and to our amazing kababayans in Dubai who turned my Dubai vacation into something more meaningful by organizing Stock Smarts Dubai.

Wealth Conference Doha

Like my previous posts in the past, this are just a selection of stocks that I have been watching in season and out of season.  My desire for all of this is to share my own insights to help educate every aspiring Filipino stock trader and investor to have the confidence to learn to earn in our very own PSE.  This are all based on charts and technicals.  I will still be writing more on fundamentals and economics here in this website or in my columns in Rappler and BusinessMirror over the course of the year.  My desire is to see more Filipinos financially free and to see 5 Million Filipino investors by 2020.  I believe this can be done and I also believe more people learning the proper way of investing will encourage more people to invest in the stock market.

Here’s the low down:

DMC – just looking at the chart below.  The stock is a product of patience and good positioning.  As you can see, DMC bottomed out at 44 Pesos per share sometime October last year.  But the stock really hasn’t gone anywhere after hitting its peak last May 2012.

Now we are seeing something different, coupled by amazing fundamentals DMC has broken past every bearish resistance at 52,56, 60 and 64 to zoom it’s way to a very strong uptrend.  ADX is showing that the stock can even move up faster however the question is, how long can this stock move up?  If selling would happen, the stock may go down to the 64 pesos levels.  But if it does not, we may see DMC go up to as high as 76 pesos per share.

Let’s see how it goes over the next few days!

DMC Feb 25 2014

Puregold – PGOLD remains to be resilient after bouncing off the 37 peso level.  It has now broken off two strong selling areas at 40 and 42.  The next price range to watchout for is 45 and 47 as selling may be experienced in those areas.  For those who positioned early, kudos as you are riding the trend while it is going up.

Should selling happen, possible place for it to fall is at 42 pesos per share.  But if the stock breaks out into new highs we may see the stock go up to 52 pesos per share.

Puregold Feb 25 2014

AGI – after months of failing to break past 28 pesos per share, AGI finally did it and is also now as bullish as ever.  Should selling happen the stock may go down to around 27.45 Pesos per share.  If it continues to go up we may see AGI go as high as 32 pesos per share if it breaks out just right.

AGI Feb 25 2014

BDO – after 7 months of being in a downward slump, BDO finally comes alive as a series of buying trades pushes BDO past the heavy selling points of 77 and 80.  We now see BDO as a bullish stock with a slight uptrend developing.  Key selling points to watch out for is 84 and 88.

BDO Feb 25 2014

SMPH – the stock is still bearish and in a downtrend.  SM Prime may may have bottomed out at 14 Pesos per share.  If you are an investor, you may use the 14 peso support level as a place to accumulate and position while it is relatively cheaper.

SMPH Feb 25 2014

JFC – Everyone’s favorite stock bounced off the very important 150 Peso support level.  It is now currently resting at the 200 day moving average.  For JFC to hold and not drop lower, its price should stay and hover above 162 Pesos per share.

JFC Feb 25 2014

Have a great trading week ahead!


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