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PSE Half Time! How are your trades so far?

By: Marvin Germo | June 29, 2014

In basketball, halftime marks the time where both the players and the coach get to assess their performance in the first 2 quarters and how they could adjust, maintain, or totally try to revamp their play to eventually win in the end.

It was in the 2nd half of the championship winning game 5 where the Spurs blew out the Heat to eventually become the champion. What am I saying?  Changes can be done at half time to make you win the game at the end of the year!

In stocks,  June 30, 2014 marks the halfway point of the trading year.  As always, we may expect movements on certain stocks as big funds would try to “window dress” their portfolios.  This would create good swings on certain stocks that funds normally would touch.

But more than the movements of big funds, as a trader or investor, you may also assess your own trading and investing to see how you have scored for the first half of the year.  My desire for you is for you to harness your trading and investing skills so that the market becomes profitable for you not just now but for a very long period of time.

Half Time PSE

Here are 7 questions that you may ask yourself to assess how have you faired in the first 6 months:

1.  Check your 6 month gain and check how is it in comparison to the performance of the PSEI.

2.  Did your trading do better?  If so, what trades make you beat the index?  Was it something via sound strategy or just by chismis and hype?  Is it something that you thing you can sustain and do over and over for the long term.  Did you just earn this with 1 good stock and the rest were not so good?

3.  If you lost money or got a lower return than the index, you may retrace your past trades and check where have you gone wrong?  Was it because you listened to a friend or a tip?  Was it because you became to emotional in your buying and selling?

4.  Did you take advantage of the big price drops in the year and maximized the rebounds of the markets?

5.  Did you buy the uptrends when the market started shifting from December 2013 – February 2014?  And sold some once they have broken its trend going up?

6.  Are you still buying now at this levels?  Or just holding and waiting for the proper time to take profits?

7.  Did you cut your losing stocks and are just holding on to the winning ones?  Or you sold the good ones and are holding into the bad ones?

I do hope this section has been helpful for you to asses your own trades.  If you made mistakes or have lost money, don’t fret as its not yet the end.  Build on that and propel your investing to the next level.  What’s important is you are continuing to learn and grow in your craft as a trader and investor.  Still stick to the rules of putting only money you can tolerate to fluctuate and never put money that you will use for the short term.  Do not go into debt just to trade but use proper money management.

I wish you all the best and I pray that the next 6 months of the year would be something truly profitable for you!  God bless you as you are definitely on your way to financial freedom!  I just like the verse in the Bible: “if God be for me, who can be against me!”  I know God wants you to prosper not just in money but in different aspects of your life!  So if God wants you to prosper and be of health why should you be scared to take things to the next level of your investing!


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