PSE Stock Analysis: EDC, JFC, PGOLD, BLOOM, X

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PSE Stock Analysis: EDC, JFC, PGOLD, BLOOM, X

By: Marvin Germo | February 19, 2016

The market closed up again today at 6,848 which brings it much close to the target of 7,174.  If the PSEI crosses above this range the market now turns back to being bullish.  It’s been quite fun writing again and doing it this for the 4th straight day! I’m actually having fun!  So the streak continues!  Let’s see how long I can do this!  Weekends should not count!

Based on your requests via social media and the website we will showcase the following stocks for our PSE Stock Analysis: EDC, JFC, PGOLD, BLOOM, and X.  If you would like to learn on how you can trade using charts and technical analysis join us for our seminar this Saturday!  On my end, I just love meting blog readers in person and I just love the opportunity to be part of your investing journey towards financial freedom.

I hope today’s PSE stock analysis helps you in your trades!


EDC – Energy Development Corp.

After the bounce of the stock from 5.12, the stock tried to move up and go towards the next resistance at 5.70.

What should you watch out for?

5.70 is worth watching, should EDC hold and stay at this levels it can move to a target price of 6.25 if it fails a correction back to 5.20 levels is possible.

What about for investors following the trend?

EDC still in a downward trend, it needs to go above and break out 6.55 to prove a valid reversal for the stock.   Should the stock reverse this would not be a good time for people who would want to position well.

EDC Feb 18 2016


JFC – Jollibee Foods Corporation

JFC has been one of the more resilient stocks so far in the market managing not to fall so much when the market was dropping massively and managing to bounce back quick after its slight correction.

What’s the Trend?

The moving averages dictate that JFC is bullish for the short, mid, and long term. One of the best reveral buys was around 200. For those who are positioning and looking for reversal, JFC is one of the better stocks to position with. Of course, the closer your buy price to 200 the better.

What about for those trading quick?

For those who are trading quick and bought because JFC hit the support at 195.6, JFC is now moving close to its target price of 221. This represents a 12% trading gain so far.   If JFC fails to breakout from 221, you may opt to take your profits.

Another scenario is instead of falling from 221, JFC stays and holds its position at 221, then you can adjust your target price now to 235. This now gives you a 18.6% gain from the trade at the bounce and gives JFC a shot of gunning for its all time high.

JFC Feb 17 2016


PGOLD – Puregold Price Club Inc.

PGOLD is trying to do what it hasn’t done since June 2014, that is escape the downtrend. The stock has been bearish for the longest time after it released subpar earnings for the 1 half of 2014.

What’s happening now?

PGOLD is moving close again to the resistance of the dowtrend. If I am a person who wants to buy and look for reversal in trends, I would want to see PGOLD go above and break 34.8 to 35.8. If it successfully does that and stays above 35.8 then we may have a new upward run for PGOLD.

Should that happen, PGOLD can go to as high as 38 – 40 over the mid term.

What if I’m a quick trader?

I’d try to see if PGOLD break’s out of 34.9. If not, I may take profits already. It’s bounce from 30 to where it is now represents a 14.5% gain. Not bad for a good trade.

PGOLD Feb 17 2016


BLOOM – Bloomberry Resorts Corp

From its lows at almost 3 pesos, the stock is now up almost 52%.   Congratulations to those who where able to capture that trade.

Is the stock now out of the downtrend?

Not yet. The stock is not out of the woods yet. It must breakout from 7.6 for it to have a shot become bullish.

If I’m trading quick, what should I do?

Watch 4.8. If it fails to break that, start taking profits. While if it goes above that and stays above 4.8, hold on to the stock first and change your target price to 6.95. This now brings your gain to 123%.

BLOOM Feb 17 2016


X – Xurpas

The stock will escape the downtrend if it goes out of 14. It must stay above this level for the reversal becomes valid.  If you want to position and buy reveral watch 14 closely.

For quick traders

Watch the stock at 13.2, if it stays above this level, the target price for the stock moves up to 15.65. This gives you a 15% upside. Buy and trade from 13.2 and sell at 15.65.

X Feb 16 2016

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