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Stock Picks By Request


By: Marvin Germo | April 1, 2016

I had a fun time last night!  Thanks to everyone who joined our live #StocksByRequest session!  I’ll try to do another one next week!  Thank you for all your comments and questions its just an amazing feeling to get to talk to all of you live!

Stock Picks By Request

This post is for those who missed the session and just want to get a summary and recap of all the things we talked about yesterday. I do hope that this adds value to you and makes you better traders and investors.  I really desire to see more profitable Filipinos.  It’s time that we see the middle class enlarge and be better!  We all have a part to play in it!

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Requested Stock Picks

The stocks that we will discuss are a sample space of the stocks that you have requested yesterday.  I tried to accommodate as much stocks as I can with the time that I had.  Also just a disclaimer the analysis here is primarily based on the movements as of yesterday, of course there are certain movements today, so please take into consideration where the stock is with regards to the movements that it had today.  For this blog I divided the stocks into two.  The Bullish stocks which are still headed up and for some stocks are still in the process of just reversing up.  These are the stocks that you may want to position on or if you are already positioned you just hold on to those stocks as long as you can, until a sell signal appears.  While Bearish stocks are stocks where sellers dominate the buyers and you must avoid this stocks until we see a clear reversal that the stock is no longer bearish.


Bullish Stocks

FLI, the stock is protected by the support at 1.75. The stock remains bullish as long as it stays above this price range.

MPI, for the short term, there is no buy signal for the stock as the stock has the possibility to correct to 5.56. For those trading relatively shorter time frames you may consider taking profits first.  However for those who are trading longer time frames, the stock is bullish and is just experiencing a correction down for the short term

SMPH, remains to still be in its uptrend. The stock is just currently correcting to 21.6. If it does bounce from this the stock could go up and challenge the resistance at 23.  If it drops from 21.6 it could correct further and drop to 20.8.  However, SMPH will still be bullish as long as the stock stays above 20.8.

ALI, there’s already a sell signal for those who have short timeframes.  For those who have longer timeframes, the stock is still bullish for the longterm as long as it stays above 35. If it fails to stay above 35, the stock could drop to 33.5 and you must sell.

DNL, is now bullish for the short, mid and long term. For those who are positioning now would be a good time to position in the stock but please take note of the 9.5 price range. The stock will be bullish as long as it stays and holds above this level.

DMC, is still bullish for the longterm but is experiencing selling every time it approaches 13.85. The stock could drop to 13.2 over the short term because of the resistance at 13.85.  For long term investors just watch 12.6, the stock will still be bullish as long as it stays above that level.

PCOR, if the stock drops below 10.2, take profits. While if you are a long term investor or position trader, the stock is still bullish and is just currently experiencing a short term correction.  You may hold.

URC, the stock is nearing its short term sell target at 220. For position traders and passive investors. No sell signal yet. Hold on to your stocks first. Hold on to it like the one you love and never let go.

X, the stock is bullish for the short, mid and long term. The bounce today can bring the stock up 18.9. Watch 17.35, if the stock drops that it could correct to 14.85. For long term investors and position traders hold on to your stocks first.

AEV, the stock has been breaking out into new heights. No sell signal yet at this point in time. For short, mid and long term traders hold on to your position first and a Merry Christmas to all of you!

AP, is also as amazing as AEV. The stock is bullish for the short, mid and long term. If I were a mid to long term investor I would still hold on to the stock. If I we’re a quick trader, I would watch 45, if the stock fails to break 45, I would take profits.

CNPF, what a great bounce by the stock today. If you are a short, mid, and long term investor, hold on to the stock first! We have no sell signals yet!

CEB, is bullish for mid to long term investors. For short term investors the stock is experiencing resistance at 90, if you are a short term trade take profits at 90.

CROWN, has turned bullish, for mid to long term investors, now is the time to come in and maximize the uptrend as far as it goes. Watchout out for 2.4 The stock must stay above this. If it fails to stay above this, take profits.  For short term traders, target prices are pegged at 2.6 and 2.9.

DD, “Double Double “, for short term investors, now may be a good time to take profits. Congratulations and Merry Christmas.To mid to long term traders and investors, the stock is still bullish you may still hold on we have no sell signals yet.  Will send an update when we see a reversal for mid to long term investors.

AC, is hanging on a thread to stay bullish. It must stay above 742 for all of this to work. If it does, this will be the best time for investors, passive and position traders to come in. If it stays above 742, the best has yet to come! The party has just started! However if it fails to stay above this level, the stock will be bearish and could drop to 700-720. For short term traders, if the stock goes above 760, we are adjusting the target price to 785.

BPI, is the brink of becoming bearish again. If it fails to stay above 87, sell first or avoid buying the stock.  If it stays above 87, you may consider that a bounce and buy.

Bearish Stocks

MEG, the stock is still experiencing resistance at 4.30. If it breaks that, the stock turns bullish for the first time since march 2015.  If it doesn’t and you are a short term trader, take profits and sell!

EDC, the stock is still bearish, avoid the stock first. The stock may correct down to 5.7.

SSI, closed lower than 3.7. In connection to yesterday’s post, SSI will only proceed with the breakout if it stays above 3.7. If not, the stock may either correct to 3.4 or 3.1.

MCP, I’m giving a sell signal on MELCO. The stock is still bearish also for the long term. If the stock fails to go back up to 2.55, we could see this correct to 2.20. Sell!

AGI, the stock is experiencing selling pressure the closer it gets to 18.2. If the stock fails to breakout of 18.2, take profits. The stock is still currently bearish over the long term. Investors and position traders please avoid the stock first.

BLOOM, the stock is still bearish for the long term. Investors and position traders please stay away from the stock first. For short term traders, if the stock drops below 5, its now time to cash in! Because the house always wins! Sell if the stock goes below 5.

FGEN, the stock is still bearish for the long term. Short term traders take profits now or watch the 23 peso price range. If it fails to breakout of that. SELL.

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