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PSE Stock Picks for the Week: March 28, 2016

By: Marvin Germo | March 28, 2016

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are all coming from a very well rested Holy Week break.  It’s just an amazing feeling that we get to live life to the full and invest to the full knowing that we have God on our side helping us and wanting us to prosper!

Holy Week Jesus TOmb

As we all know that the market as a whole is now bullish and is trying to push higher.  This post centers on individual and most requested stocks that you have sent over my website, facebook page, and twitter account.  I tried to accommodate as much of the stocks that you have sent as I can.  Thank you so much for all the trust and support.  As what I always say in my Stock Smart training sessions, I hope that these picks would just be used as reference points in your analysis and that you do not use them blindly without studying on your own.  My ultimate goal is for you to be able to create your own strategy so that you would not have to rely on tips but you develop and forge your own plan to be profitable not just for 1 or 2 trades but for your entire investing journey.

Before we go on our stock picks, I am pleased to announce that registration for Stock Smarts UAE is now official open!  We will have a comprehensive training session this July 15 – 23, 2016 in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi!  If you have relatives and friends from the area feel free to invite!  I’m excited to be back and meet all our kababayans there!  If you would like to know more you my email our organisers at  If you are from Manila, Cebu, New Zealand, Australia, Qatar, and Singapore we also schedules lined up for you.

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Similar to my previous posts I have divided the stock picks for quick traders and position traders and/or investors so you may find a time frame and risk appetite that fits your context.  God bless you and may you have a more profitable week ahead!

Quick Trading:

Take Profits:

PLC, for short term traders take profits if it fails to breakout of 1-1.03 levels.

PIP, take profits if it persists and does not breakout from 4.

HOUSE, sell if it fails to break 8.

GMA7, target price pegged at 7. If the stock fails to breakout, you may sell.  However the stock stays bullish as long as it stays above 6.6.
GLO, the stock fails to breakout, it’s now time to take profits.  Congratulations.

DNL, take profits on the stock if it still has a hard time breaking past 9.5.  As of this point, the stock is still bearish. However, if the stock breaks out from 9.5 just hold on to the stock first.

CNPF, the stock failed to break 19. For quick traders you may take profits at this point.


MWC, watch if it breaks out from 26.8, if it does, the short term target price is 27.6 if it fails to breakout, the stock could drop to 26.

DD, hold but be ready to take profits if a breakout from 40 does not happen.


PCOR, no sell signal yet. Because of the breakout, I’m adjusting the target price to 11.50.  On a side note, PCOR is up 110% since the reversal early this year. Congratulations to investors out there!

GTCAP, the stock again breaks out!  This time at 1,372, if it continues the breakout and stays above 1,445. Don’t not sell yet and just hold your positions.

X, hold as long as the stock stays above 17.15. If it does, the short term target price is at 18.7.

CEB, is now bullish and has hit our short term target price of 90. For quick traders, take profits should the stock fail to break 90.

BDO, is now bullish, short term target price is 108.4, Mid term target price is 114. This is will all be valid as long as BDO stays above 101.

MEG, take profits first, the stock is facing heavy resistance as it approaches the 4.3 levels. However, the stock could go to 4.8 if it breaks out from 4.3.


BLOOM, if the stock bounces off and stays above 5.2, the next target price for the stock will be at 6.4.

Position Trading and Investing:


PNB, stock is still bearish for the mid to long term.  Will provide update when the stock has turned bullish.

TEL, the stock still a great way off. The stock is still bearish and fundamentals are still not so good. You must really love and believe in the company if you are buying it at this point or you must be satisfied with the diminished dividends that they provide.

CIC, the stock is still bearish. Avoid first if you want to position in it.


SMPH, the stock needs to break 23 for it to move higher. The stock is still bullish as of this writing so you may still hold on to the stock as long as the stock stays above 21.

CNPF, while the stock is a sell for quick traders, for medium term and position traders the stock is still bullish you may hold. The stock will remain bullish as long as it stays above 17.4

AC, will remain bullish as long as it stays above 741.

ALI, the stock is still bullish, it is currently correcting and may drop to the strong support at 34.9.

MRSGI, the same story as it was in the previous updates.  4 must be broken for it to have any significant movements upward. The stock is still in an uptrend, you may continue to hold on to it as of this writing.

Just turned Bullish:

2GO, the stock is now bullish again.  Position as close as you can at the long term support.

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