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PSE Stock: SMPH’s Up and Coming Mall in Cebu!

By: Marvin Germo | February 21, 2015

There’s just been so much bad news over the headlines the past few weeks that I wanted to share some brightspots to inspire everyone that our country is even poised to in greater heights in the near future!  Here’s one budding mall that will be a centerpiece in Cebu for years to come, SM Seaside City Cebu, which will have over 1,000 retail stores and establishments is set to open this October 2015!

This Mall is set to open this October 2015!

SMPH Cebu MAll

For those following SMPH’s stock, congratulations as SMPH continues there expansion to reach more and more people outside Metro Manila!

What will this do?

1.  I beleive this will attract more tourists to Cebu, as more people from the surrounding areas would flock to this area to see how huge this mall is and to see what they could do in it.  If you can recall how SM MOA impacted the pasay area a couple of years ago.  This is how SM Seaside City can impact Cebu!

2.  This wil create more jobs for people in that area along with other provinces as this enourmous project would open up ossibilities for more jobs to be created

3.  Due to the possibility of renting space in the mall and the opportunity to earn, this would encourage new entrepreuners to start and try to diversify their portfolios into businessess.

4.  Greater earnings for SMPH and other listed companies that will be part of this mall.  Stocks that come to mind are JFC and MAXS among others!

To those who follow charts, here’s where the stock of SMPH is now!

SMPH Feb 22 2015

If you look at the chart above, the stock is still bullish and is on a stteady uptrend.  A very short term support can be found at 19.80.  If the stock can stay above this price range we may expect SMPH to go to as high as 20.75 to 21.60.  However if ti fails to hold this level the stock may correct to 19.20.

There may be bad news around but our goal is to alway focus on the good and just move foward.  Each of us has the potential to make this nation a better place.  Our economy zooming like never before it’s time for us to acknowledge that and take our economy to the next level.  It can be done and it will be done!  All of us together making a difference in this nation as we all move forward into financial freedom!


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