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PSE Stocks Trying to Breakout!

By: Marvin Germo | February 2, 2015

A month of stock market trading has passed and we have seen the PSEI zoom into historic highs breaking record upon record!  I hope you are experiencing the amazing gains that is sweeping our stock market at this very moment!  If you are, well congratulations!  If you are trying to still figure out your routine and strategy, that’s okay, study and keep on practice and continue to refine your craft.  One thing I know about stock trading and investing, is that the more you know and do the better your trades will become!  While, if you haven’t invested in the market yet, you may check this out.

This is a follow up article to the “Bearish Stocks Entering 2015” article that I wrote more than a month back.  For this post, we will be checking out 3 stocks that we featured last month to see how they are doing and if something has materially changed for each of the stocks.

Enjoy and have a great trading week ahead!

DMPL – Del Monte Pacific Limited

What’s good?

For the first time in more than a year, the stock has broken out of 3 major moving averages!

What’s next?

The stock is still bearish though, but if it holds and stays above 17, DMPL can go as high as 19 in the short to mid term.  After it breaks 19, then the stock moves from bearish to bullish after avery long time of waiting.  However if 17 does not hold it may drop back to 15-16 levels.

As a trader, your goal is follow the moving averages.  If it breaks above it the stock will go even higher and higher!  If it does not the stock will drop and still remain bearish!

DMPL Feb 2 2015

AGI – Alliance Global Inc.

What’s good?

Similar to DMPL, for the very first time in almost a year, the stock has broken out of a downward chanel and has started its own small uptrend.

What’s next?

The stock must break 27 for it to become fully bullish as a lot of investors will be keen on selling at that price range.   Also if it breaks past 27, it will develop the uptrend into something that is strong and very formidable!

If it fails to stay above 25,5 though, the stock may correct back to either 24.3 or 23.2.

AGI Feb 2 2015

AEV – Aboitiz Equity Ventures

What’s good?

The stock has been in an uptrend since December 2014 and has broken past the strong selling at 56.85.  The stock now is fully bullish and can still zoom up in the next few weeks and months.

What’s next?

AEV must stay above 56.85 for the stock to gain any form of significance.  Selling points for the stock could be at 59 and 61.5 if the breakout would progress further.  If it fails to stay above 56.85 a correction to 55.9 and 54.7 may be possible.

AEV Feb 2 2015

These are just 3 stocks that are looking better than where they were a few weeks ago!  Watch them closely and see if buying and selling them fits your own technique of profitablilty!  Again study them and see if trading into them fits you.  Your goal as a trader and investor is to plan your trade and trade you plan!  One of my biggest goals this year is to help mentor more and more Filipinos to create their own winning strategy for investing!  God bless you!


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