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PSEi After the Breakout


By: Marvin Germo | October 3, 2017

First of all congratulations to every Filipino invested! I am enjoying reading your messages that you guys are doing well in your trades! That is the heart of this website and Stock Smarts in general! I really want to see more and more Filipinos do well and reach their goals of financial freedom and I do hope as your prosper you make a difference in the lives of the people around you.

This post will primarily focus on the PSEi and where it could possibly go. I’ll also upload a portion of my FB Live session talking about the index along with my opinion on where I think it is going. Here are 11 points to consider!

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1. If the PSEi breaks the short resistance of 8,300, 8,500 is still the target.
2. If 8,100 holds, 8,500 remains to be the target. There’s nothing to worry about as long as 8,100 holds.
3. However if 8,300 does not hold over the short term expect a slight correction which could also bring the market down to 8,100 again.

4. Oscillators remain to be bullish but not yet overbought.
5. Short, mid and long term parameters are still bullish.
6. The stock just bounced from a short term moving average.
7. Volume oscillators still denote money coming in.

8. This shows us that when a strong resistance (8,100) gets broken it now becomes a strong support!

9. The main trend remains to be bullish and we don’t have any sell signal yet for position traders.

10. The market is still relatively expensive with a P/E of 20x which makes us more expensive than most markets in our region.
11. The only catalyst that we have is the tax reform bill which has what jolted the PSEi higher. It needs to be passed though before the end of the year with a revenue target that is acceptable to investors for this upward movement to be sustained.

PSEi Chart

Sharing portions of the FB LIVE

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