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PSEI as of June 2, 2014

By: Marvin Germo | June 2, 2014

It’s now June!

I’m sharing the PSEI update that I made over twitter just moments ago!  Please take note that value turnover was just at 6 Billion for today.  I’d personally still consider taking profits off the table on some of my stocks that have broken uptrends.  You may refer to more charts that I have posted over twitter @marvingermo @stocksmartsph #ChartsByRequest to see more PSE company specific stocks.

The PSEI bounced off the 100 day moving average.  If it can successfully bounce off and go higher we may see the market move up to 6,800 where we may expect more selling to take place.

PSEI June 2 2014 a

Also, for the PSEI to escape the short term down trend selling it must go up to 6,710 – 6,750.  From there we will have to see if significant buying will take place again.  More buying will bring the market up, more selling will bring it down.  My desire for you is for you to plan your trade and plan your trade and to be profitable but for you to be repeatedly profitable for years to come!

PSEI June 2 2014 b


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