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PSEi 8000

PSEi at 8,000

By: Marvin Germo | June 5, 2017

Amidst bad news both locally and globally the market continues to extend its rally. The market just hit 8,000 again today and is up 23.6% since the bottom last December 2016. If you are not yet investing yet in the market I hope this encourages you to start. If you are already investing, I hope this pushes to learn more and build your own strategy. This video is an uploaded version of the FB live session that talks about the current status of the PSEi and where it could go next.

The goal of each video

The goal of each video or blog post that I create is to help educate you and to make stock trading and investing fun so that each reaches more Filipinos around the world. I really would love to see more and more Filipinos investing and earning the right way. I hope you would use this video as a reference as you start plotting your own support and resistances and as you build your own strategy using technical charts.

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What does the chart say?

The PSEi has been pretty much bullish for the short to mid term but it still needs to breakout of 8,100 for it to have a shot to trend even higher. If not, it may just correct to 7,800 levels again where the short term support is and the market will just continue to move in accordance to the current sideways action of the market.

On an optimistic note, should the PSEi break out of 8,100 the short term to mid term target price would move from 8,500 – 8,700.

PSEi 8000

Here’s the uploaded PSEi 8,000 FB Live video:

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