#PSEi Noon Update September 29, 2016 | Marvin Germo

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#PSEi Noon Update September 29, 2016

By: Marvin Germo | September 29, 2016

PSEi at 7,672.57

Market up 1.13%, +85.61
Value Turnover at 2.63 Billion

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Stock Investing

The Market Bounced from the Support.

The support at 7,520 levels proved itself faithful again as the market bounced after hovering close to the support just a few days ago. Now that the market is up again, expect that it should charge upward to around 7,760 where it may face some selling again.

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What do the oscillators say?

In spite of foreign selling we have a lot of price and volume oscillators showing accumulation happening during this period. Imagine buying while foreigners are selling?

Where is the market over the long term headed?

The market over the long term is still bullish, while it is moving nowhere with a stronger downward bias for the short term.

For Mid Term Traders

For those following the market for the mid term, the range, provided that it holds above 7,520 is at 7,520 – 8,100.

Enjoy your trades.

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