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PSEi Update: Has Santa Claus Arrived?

By: Marvin Germo | December 2, 2013

It’s the first trading day of December, the month many believe as the “Santa Claus Rally month”.  Could the buying action, which started at the end of November fuel the rally?  Has Santa Clause arrived?

Santa or no Santa, here’s where we are now: the PSEi is now up 5 days straight.  Forming its own little uptrend in the process.  If this continues to develop we may see the market move up until it may faces some selling at the 6,400 mark.  Again if it goes beyond 6,400 we may see it go up to 6,600.  If we go beyond 6,600 then we can truly say that the bull is once again back.

Could it have come at the right time as 2014 is just about to open?  Let’s see!  That’s why I love investing in the stock market because it gives you so many possibilities on where the market is and where it is suppose to go.  That’s why the best place to be is at a place where you have the conviction in your trades and you have a trading plan to keep you in check in season and out of season.

I will try to keep updates like this on a more regular basis.  I’d like to thank the hundreds of people who appreciated my premiere launch of the PSEi updated last week!  Thank you so much for your heart warming emails and personal messages!  God bless guys!  I really do hope this last month be profitable for you!

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