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PSEi Update

PSEi Update: Where is the market before the FED Announcement?

By: Marvin Germo | March 15, 2017

The whole world is now anticipating a FED rate hike of 0.25% by tomorrow.  What will be interesting to watch is will they do just one more after this or will there be two more? Or what if they throw a a curveball to the markets and raise rates to 0.50%?

What does the charts say and where are we now before the FED announcement?  Check out the charts and analysis below!

PSEi Update

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Mid term Sideways

The market closed today at  7,253.79 -7.96 (-0.11%) with relatively no conviction at all.  Looking at the chart from the start of the year it has pretty evident that the market over the mid term is flat and moving sideways with a very short range of 7,148 to 7,340.  This just represents a very narrow 3% channel where the market is oscillating back and forth on. The sideways movement also shows the indecision of the market in relation to this rate hike.

Major Resistance

The market still has not broke above the major resistance of 7,450.  Unless the market breaks above this we will not turn bullish with a strong push upward. We must breakout of this level for the market to have any conviction moving forward. Should we breakout of that price range, it’s fair game to bring the PSEI to 7,721.

What if a breakdown happens instead?

Should the market breakdown, the next drop would bring it to as low as 7,040 and the PSEI still remains bearish over the long term.

PSEI Update March

Priced in?

There’s been a lot of talk that the rate hike has already been priced in and that should the FED rate hike happen it wont adversely affect the markets anymore. However it’s not our goal as traders and investors to guess if it has been priced in or not but rather to follow what the trend is telling us and base our actions on whether the markets would breakout out or if it reverses downward. I’m excited on how this all plays out tomorrow! Catch me at 9am at Bloomberg Philippines as we talk more about the FED rate hike as it happens!

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