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Puregold’s Stock is now at 42. What’s Next?

By: Marvin Germo | January 11, 2015

Puregold’s (PGOLD) stock has been up 26.7% since its breakout from the 20 day moving average last October 2014. As of last Friday, PGOLD has risen back to levels before its massive decline last August.  If we take a look back, PGOLD declined because of their release of subpar earnings.  This article is a follow on article to the last analysis of the stock as it was targeted to hit 40.5 – 42.

PGOLD Jan 10 2015

Looking at the chart above, PGOLD has broken out of 5 short, mid and long term resistances.  This makes PGOLD more bullish than ever.  The question is what’s next?

If PGOLD stays above 42, what’s next?

PGOLD can go to as high as 43.63 over the short term and 46.17 after that.

But what if it drops from 42?

The stock may retrace down to 39.88 to around 38.15, should the support lines not hold.

Your goal as a trader and investor is to plan your trade and trade your plan.  Trade with conviction and study your own trade before putting money in.  Money in stocks is made when you have confidence in what you are doing.  I hope this charts help in your analysis and bring you closer to your greatest investing year yet!  God bless you and have a great week ahead!


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