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#PUSO : The Heart To Be Financially Free

By: Marvin Germo | September 7, 2014

After 40 years, The Philippines earned respect in the World stage by winning their last game against Senegal with 81-79. Even though our team was not able to go past the elimination round, I believe we have leveled up and made our never-ending romance with Basketball stronger than ever. Gilas Pilipinas’ showed heart and unwavering determination to fight until their last game this year. For us financial advocates, this is the same level of spirit we want to see in every Filipino (and their families) who wants to be financially free.

Puso Gilas

As our country continuously develop and progress, more and more Filipinos now have the desire to learn about financial literacy. They want to plan ahead for their future, be good examples to their kids, and live a better life. This is simply great news! Let us break down some of the best traits from our Philippine Team and learn to apply it in our financial life :

Stay Focused. As cliché as it sounds, if you don’t do this, one cannot simply achieve his/her goals. Gilas Pilipinas displayed this trait very well. From the time the players first started to pick up the ball with their hands and the progress they have made until today, makes them greatest examples of how focused they are in their chosen field. Malcolm Gladwell’s 2008 bestseller Outliers says you need to dedicate 10,000 hours to become an expert at any competition. Most of the Gilas’ players started really young, and have been playing ever since, giving more than 10,000 hours of focus to their passion. More than any competition, or sport, we need to learn how to stay focused in achieving financial freedom. This trait is no doubt valuable to achieving financial independence.

 2.    Be Mentored. Watching the different Kwentong Gilas stories of the players were exuding with nothing but inspiration. 5’7” Point Guard, Jimmy Alapag, Pinoy Sakuragi Marc Pingris and The Kraken, Junmar Fajardo, all were seeking guidance from whom they identified as their mentors. They were the supportive parents, the high school and college coaches who taught them the basics, and their role models in the game itself. If you want to get ahead and be on track, especially in your finances, being mentored is one of the life hacks you would want to acquire for you to finish strong! I am very blessed to have found mentors along the way and I can always come and discuss my concerns with them no matter how big or small they are. I can be vulnerable and transparent with them, as I trust them, and they know how to break these priceless nuggets of wisdom in a manner I am able to understand.

Gilas Pilipinas

3.  Find your Mastermind group (and stick to them). The Gilas Pilipinas’ team was formed after a number of basketball players underwent a series of tryouts, until the great ones were drafted and became part of the team. The team is composed of talented players with different roles to play once they are in the court. This is exactly what a mastermind group is composed of. Different individuals with different expertise giving advice to each other, sharing and learning from each other. As you know, you can only be good in one, two, or three things, but not all. Finding your mastermind group and sticking to it, means more mentors, more learning, more opportunities to come your way, more sound advice to help you face your trials head on!

 As you establish in you the heart to be financially free, you will learn along the way that getting out of debt is possible, with more ways than one, and door of opportunities will come banging open for you to step forward and take that path to financial independence!


Therese Domingo 3 investorTherese Domingo, is an investor, aspiring entrepreneur, AFP, and a member of the Qatar-based group, OFIE-M (Overseas Filipino Investors & Entrepreneurs Movement). She is empowered to finish strong and be a living testimony by sharing her journey to be Financially Independent.



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