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PYT: Protect Yourself Too

By: Marvin Germo | July 29, 2014

In our on going series on showing you the value of Life Insurance, our Wednesday columnist Ge Cantor, shows us the value of protecting ourselves above and beyond than us just paying ourselves first and investing.  Our goal is to save a portion of our income, invest some but also add a certain portion to protect ourselves.  Investments are our offense while Insurance is our defense when it comes to our finances.



Do you remember Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) song?  Why not check it out, turn up the volume and groove into the music while reading this article… 

Most of us have heard of the phrase “pay yourself first” which means saving a portion of your salary before spending the rest.  This is indeed a good money habit that helps you build wealth.

May I suggest another good money habit which is PYT or “protect yourself too.”  This is especially applicable to the family’s breadwinner or as Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as the person who earns money to support the family.

“Protecting yourself too” is like “paying yourself first” in the sense that you prioritize setting aside a part of your income for your life insurance protection.  The protection covers the “what ifs” in life such as untimely death, disability, accident and critical or major illnesses.

In reality, most people wait until they have enough “disposable” funds before they protect themselves.  Sadly, by the time they decide that they are ready, they are either too old or have major health issues.

However, for some people who have definite “financial goals” for themselves and their families, they appreciate and believe in the value of paying yourself first and protecting yourself too!


Gerard CantorGerald “Ge” Cantor’s mission is to help Filipinos save and invest for their future while protecting themselves and their families for the present.  Ge is a Financial Adviser of Pru Life UK, a Financial Planning Advocate of Personal Finance Advisers Philippines Corporation, a Registered Financial Planner graduate, a  Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA).


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