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Radio DJs and Hosts and their take on Valentines

By: Marvin Germo | February 15, 2014

I am posting this article on the heels of the recently concluded Wealth Conference in Doha, Qatar! I enjoyed speaking and sharing my heart out about stock investing to our kababayans in Doha!  It’s great to see 200 strong OFWs wanting to change the course of their financial future.

Doha Wealth Conference!

It’s been a jam packed schedule here in Qatar and I have been adjusting to the time zone difference!  Nevertheless, I do hope that this articles give you more insights in Valentine spending. That this helps you assess your spending this year and to help you plan and prepare for next year.  Again at the end of the day it’s not wrong to spend if it’s budgeted and you do not go into debt because of your spending.

I really want to see more and more Filipinos spend less and save more.  I really believe that the Filipino can be financially free!

For this Valentine article, I am featuring different radio hosts and jocks and their opinion on some items regarding spending.  I believe it would amazing to hear what they have to say with regards to how they would want to spend their money for this love season!

The men will be answering this questions:

1.  What is good budget for a valentine dinner? (price range would be okay)

2.  Roses are expensive during valentines, is it practical to give one?

3.  How about chocolates or other gifts?

While the women will be answering this:

1.  Knowing the prices of goods are getting expensive, what’s your take on spending a lot for a valentine dinner?

2.  Roses are expensive during valentines, is it practical to have your significant other buy you one?

3.  How about chocolates or other gifts?


Valentines Dinner

DJ Chloe, 94.7 Mellow


1. If you have the budget for a fabulous Valentines dinner, i say go for it. some men – boyfriends, SO, and husbands – like to splurge a little to please and make their woman happy especially during a special occasion such as Valentines. otherwise, I say stay at home and get creative.

2. only when its from island rose! hahhaha! on a serious note, this will sound slightly biased as i dont get flowers from my husband (or anyone!) everyday. a bouquet once a year wont hurt. plus it accounts for some heart-warming memories moving forward. im a sucker for the feels and memories!

3. Im not much on chocolates and “other gifts” (diamonds ba yan?) im a sentimental romantic. and my language of love are attention and time. i will choose a mushy, cheesy, awfully romantic lengthy love letter from my hubbie in a heartbeat

Big Daddy Jake, 99.5 Play FM
Big Daddy Jake
First of all, establish a budget. How much are we willing to spend for Valentine’s Day? Then we can start from there, keeping in mind that prices go up on that particular day. With the budget in mind, start looking for and/or making reservations for a spot at a resto of our choice. That’s just the food. Flowers would be truly appreciated by the lady. We could throw in a gift in there too. Remember, generally, the lady appreciates the thought more than the gift itself. That we actually thought things through and did not just grab the first thing we saw off of a grocery rack. Having said all that, I’d probable spend about 3 Grand as celebration. Tip? Look around carefully. There could be a good deal for us waiting to be found. Truly by God’s Grace, my wife and I once celebrated Valentine’s Day with a Helicopter ride. FOR FREE. Still hard to top that one. To wrap this up, We shouldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to take our wife out. Valentine’s Day should be all year long. At least once a week. Ask the wife about it ; )

Rosel Manahan 101.9 MOR

Rosel Manahan

1. A nice dinner is always a special treat, especially for a loved one. But, all things being considered, if your budget is tight, you can always find the most interesting places to eat out while keeping it frugal. Months before the big day keep an eye on discounts (there’s a plethora of that online), or google interesting cafés or restos. You need not spend a lot on a fancy hotel buffet if you don’t have the budget. A dinner at an offbeat art gallery or your favorite sisig place in Pampanga (out of town!!!) can be as equally fun, and less expensive than a fancy hotel dinner.

2. Roses are very much appreciated. Hands down. I wouldn’t mind. But if you don’t have the money, let’s save it and have a nice date when you do have the cash to spend.

3. Same answer as above. Or, may I add. Why not buy something that captures the interest of your loved one? Be creative. From comic books to makeup to novels to cheeses – whatever he or she is into.

Ingrid Nieto, 94.7 Mellow
Ingrid Neito
1. Time to get creative then! You don’t have to spend so much to make a girl feel special. Learn to cook, do something out of your comfort zone.
2. I’ll consider it really sweet. But if it will put a dent on his budget for more important things, it’s okay

Cristina Lazo, Radyo Singko 92.3 fm

Tetta News

1. Wining  and dining on Valentine’s Day is hands down a tradition in Manila. While it’s lovely  to see couples celebrate their love in a BIG WAY on this special day, I would rather spend a quiet evening at home with my husband than sit through hours of traffic and endure bad service in a restaurant or pay for an overpriced meal just because it’s Valentine’s Day.

2. I’m a very practical person. I’m quick to tell my husband that he doesn’t have to give me flowers on Valentine’s Day. My job as a reporter  has taken me to the Flower Market in DANGWA and I’m fully- aware that prices of roses during special occasions bloom exponentially. So instead of receiving flowers,  I’d be more than happy to receive chocolates and a handwritten card or letter.

Ms. JM Dela Rama, 106.7 Energy FM

JM Dela Rama

1. My take on this – a Valentine’s date doesn’t have to be expensive. The more personal and genuine your approach to dates, the better. Instead of taking out your special someone to an expensive dinner, why not prepare something more special and personal for her? Go all out, prepare a beautiful place for her where you can design your own setting/ table set-up and cook her favorite food. Doing groceries and cooking for your loved one is a sure way to not just save but to even make him/her more special. It leaves a lasting impression on what type of a person you are. It will be worth the effort!

2. It really doesn’t matter if he buys me roses or tulips. I actually prefer the cheaper ones like colorful carnations. They’re cheaper, still gorgeous, and lasts longer than the typical roses.

3. If he has a budget for an extra gift – why not! Hahaha. But seriously, there are many ways to show your love to someone not just through the common Vday gifts. Get to know what she really likes and even need. Nowadays, it’s more important to be practical. For instance, I’m a photographer, so if he has a budget to buy me my dream lens why not. It’s practical and special/personalized.

Gerard Dela Pena, Radyo Singko 92.3 fm

Gerad Dela Pena

1. Budget really varies. I’m more of the budget conscious type, so P500-P700 per person is considered splurging already but acceptable (eh Valentines naman so ok lang yun). But if you’re creative, you can have it for only P200. Street food? A quaint eating place? YOur creativity can make V-day much more special and memorable!

2. I guess save the flowers for another occasion. Spend the money meant for flowers for, say more food, movie, or maybe a good book as a gift.

3. Prices of chocolates dont really fluctuate, I guess. If you’re beloved is a choco-holic, I think it is a must to give one. If not, other gift ideas will do.
Li’l Joey, 99.5 Play FM
Lil Joey

1. In this day and age, Valentine’s dinner can be quite pricey. If you DO go out on Valentine’s, make sure you have a reservation. If you don’t try going out to an early dinner – like around 5pm. I personally would plan on a budget of around P2,000 – maybe P3,000.

2. Relationships are always a good investment. Roses can be expensive but there are places where you can get roses a bit cheaper if you know where to look. If you’re looking to save, do some advance research or sometimes some flower shops will give a discount if you order in advance.

3. Personally, chocolates as a valentine’s gift is traditional but not necessary if you’re giving flowers and/or going out to a nice dinner as well.

For Valentine’s, I’d rather keep it simple and leave the gift giving for Christmas, her birthday or our anniversary.

DJ Tino, 99.5 Play FM
DJ Tino
1.  Short/safe answer: 400-500 per person.
Long/corny answer: A “good valentine’s dinner” is different for every couple. Couples who spend Valentine’s at the tapa restaurant where they first met can have just as great a time as the couple who celebrates at a hotel buffet.
2.  A nice bouquet never hurt anyone! Unless you’re one of those “let’s not do anything typical/cliche” couples.

3.  Same principle as the roses. I think a nice token/memorabilia is always a nice gesture.

Anna Buena, Former RX 93.1 DJ
Anna Buena

1. I’d rather not my bf spend anything on VDay. I’d rather he surprise me on a random day and not necessarily with anything expensive.

2. Totally impractical. Don’t like roses. Just play me a song on the guitar.

3. If he insists on gifts, I’d like a book. Haha! If we were married, I rather he get me a copy of a movie we both like and just cook me dinner.


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