Ramon Ang now owns 30% of GMA7 and what it means to you? - Marvin Germo

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Ramon Ang now owns 30% of GMA7 and what it means to you?

By: Marvin Germo | June 24, 2014

Ramon Ang, is termed as a “visionary” in and out of work.  He is currently the CEO of Cyber Bay Corporation and Petron Corporation.  He is also the COO of  San Miguel Corporation and Philippine Airlines.  With all his credentials and accomplishments he now adds one more title to his belt – 30% part owner of GMA7.

This now gives Ramon Ang investments in Solar Entertainment and GMA7.

Ramon Ang

As trader or investor, what does this mean to you?  Here are questions that you may ask yourself before jumping the gun and buying GMA7:

1.  How does this impact the fundamentals of the company?

2.  Does its value increase because of Ang’s purchase?

3.  Why did the owners of GMA7 sell?  Do they think there isn’t enough upside to it?

4.  How will SMC and it’s vast conglomerate benefit from all of this?

5.  Will this hype up the stock and create a buyers frenzy?

6.  Would you buy as an investor, looking at the long term prospects of what Ang will do to the company?  If ever he has any power to do so at 30% ownership?  Or would you ride the wave and sell it as soon as the hype will die down.

7.  Do you have the confidence and conviction to make the trade and buy?  Or if you have shares now would you sell or hold?

GMA7 closed at 7.65 pesos per share as of the close of the day of June 24, 2014.  According to reports that I have read Ang is willing it to buy it at 10.80 pesos per share.  This is around 41% from where it currently is.

God bless you and I hope this helps you plan your trades more and more.  My desire is for you to prosper and earn more and more in stock market!


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