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Regrets In Investing You Can Avoid

By: Marvin Germo | April 27, 2019

Investing Is A Long, Continuous Journey

Investing is indeed a journey you have to take continuously if you want to achieve financial freedom at a young age. As you venture into investing, you will encounter a lot of different experiences, from success to failures and satisfaction to regrets. Those things are part of the process. Speaking of regrets, many investors have their own remorse that happened in the market, regardless of whether it includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, money market, or business. While regrets are a negative side of investing, it is one way you can learn more about the art of what you are doing. If you are aware of other investors’ regrets, there is a chance that you can avoid them. During my years of investing, here are some of the biggest regrets I want to share with you.

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Start Investing As Early As Possible

The biggest regret I have right now as a stock investor and trader is that I would have started earlier if I have discovered investing when I was at the age of 7 or 10. Remember Warren Buffet? He started his interest in buying stocks at the age of 11. Imagine the years he went through in order to find as much information he could to succeed in stocks. If you are planning to invest and you want to avoid this regret later, I recommend you to start investing as early as now. Today is the best time to forget all your hesitations and enjoy the results after years of spending in the market later on.

Confidence Built Over The Years 

Since I regret not starting to invest as early as I could, it comes with missing the chance of building my confidence over the years that have passed. Imagine if you started saving and investing at the age of 11. You could have built your confidence to trade and to know when to buy and sell until you reach the age of 22. 11 years of experience within the market is something that you could have been proud of. Again, if you don’t want to regret losing the opportunity to establish that self-esteem, start investing and learning today. Don’t do it tomorrow or the coming days, do it now.

Automating How You Manage Money

Aside from starting early, some investors also have regrets of not automating how they save and how they invest. Try to save up money every week, month, or quarter then put it in an investment. As you continue doing something for a couple of times, you will develop a habit and eventually become an automatic activity for you. The same applies to save and investing money. If you do it regularly, it will become your habit until you realize that you’ve invested a lot. It’s not too late to automate how you manage your money. Begin it now if you want to learn and earn passively at the same time.

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