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By: Marvin Germo | October 31, 2014

Interview with Riverymaya’s Mark Escueta

I had the chance to spend time with Mark Escuata, the frontman and lognest tenured member of the rock group, Rivermaya.

What people don’t know about him is that, the rockstar life did not get to him.  He is a very strong financial advocate where his biggest desire now is to help more musicians learn how to save and invest for the future.  On a personal basis he would only buy stuff that he would need for work or the industry.  No flashy change of cars, no massive parties that would empty out his savings.

He is a good example of how people in the entertainment industry can learn how to save and invest for the future.  Here are some of his thoughts and snippets that I beleive are very useful and inspiring with regards to certain topics about personal finance. I hope that his life serve as a blessing to you as you move towards your goal and dreams of being financially free.

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If he can save and invest so can you!  God bless you and enjoy the article!

On having the right financial mindset:

“If you have the power to change the situation while you are earning why not do it now.”

“What you don’t prepare for now.  You will pay for later on in your life.”

“When we get to school we are thought to get good grades and get a good job.  But it was never thought and what were suppose to do with our earnings.”

On Insurance: 

“If you are a parent it’s the most responsible thing you could ever do to your family.  It’s the best option for everyone to protect your family.  Its affordable and it can fit your budget.  It can also be an investment.”

“Your family will not survive on concern alone but getting insurance is putting action on your concern.  Insurance is you being with your family without actually being there.”

On Inflation:

-“People blame the government but really its inflation that’s the problem.”

On Savings:

“People like convenience and for some people saving is an inconvenience.  People don’t know the concept of delayed gratification.”

-“Try to save atleast 10% but if you can save more try to make it a habit to save 30%.”

-“Save.  Save and save.  Do not spend money more than what he could afford.”

On Credit Cards:

-“You are spending money that you do not have.”

-“If you have the money just use cash instead.  If you can avoid using a credit card the better.”

-“If you have good self control credit cards may come in handy in difficult situations.”

-“Your credit card is not a back up fund in the same way  your credit limit is not your maximum limit to spend in a month.”


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