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Sangley Point will be the next International Airport!

By: Marvin Germo | July 4, 2014

Finally we have a winner!  After weeks of speculation Cyber Bay and SMC have bowed down after the decision of the DOTC has chosen Sangley Point as the base for the new international airport!

imageThe new airport may be funded via the Official Development Assistance or via the very popular Public-Private Partnership. The airport will most likely cost around 10 Billion US Dollars!

If this goes via the PPP route, it would be fun to see who would win the bidding.  As of late Ayala Corporation has been out bidding everyone else.  While the Mactan airport has been won over by MegaWinde (MWIDE).  How will this also impact CYBER and SMC that their proposal is not coming to pass.

I just hope this gets done soon as this will bring progress to both business and tourism sectors of our country.  Analysts have been forecasting that the surrounding provinces close to Sangley would grow to a traffic base of 106.7 Million by 2040!  Building the airport would cater to this demand and this will elevate or country even further to the powerhouse that is is grooming to be!

It’s time for progress!  Expect more good reports in this website as it is my desire for all of us to join and invest in while our country is surging and moving forward!


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