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How To Find the Perfect Timing in Buying and Selling Stocks

January 1 - 1, 1970

The most comprehensive stock market training program with 6 practical and interactive sessions for investors and traders who want to learn the right foundation on:

  • What the stock market is and how to start investing.
  • How to spot good stocks and avoid bad ones.
  • How to know which stocks are cheap and which are expensive.
  • How to manage your own stock portfolio and know the proper stock allocation.
  • Know the efficient number of stocks that you should buy.
  • How to find the perfect timing in buying and trading stocks.
  • How to buy low and sell high using charts.
  • Learn how to maximize gains and minimize losses.

Stock Market Investing


Module 1 – Basics of Stock Market 

April 2, 2016 (Sat) / 8:30AM-12:30PM

•   Learn the basics of the stock market and how it works. This is a perfect workshop if you want to know how to get started in the stock market and why you should invest in it. Our speaker is  really good at simplifying concepts and you will surely understand how the stock market works even if you have no accounting or technical background or even if you haven’t heard of this before.

Module 2 – Fundamental Analysis

April 2, 2016 (Sat) / 1:30PM-5:30PM

•   There are over 200 stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Knowing what stocks to pick and why you pick them will help you in your stock market venture.

Module 3 – Basics of Technical Analysis

April 9, 2016 (Sat) / 8:30AM-12:30PM

•   Learn the basic principles of Technical Analysis. Our speaker will simplify Technical Analysis in terms that you can understand to get you started using it as one of the strategies/tools in stock market investing and trading.

Module 4 – Market Trends, Volume Related Trading, Market Phases, and Moving Averages (P3,000)

April 9, 2016 (Sat) / 1:30PM-5:30PM

•   Bring out the investor in you! Learn how to read and use market trends, market phases, moving averages and volume related trading to find the perfect timing in buying and selling stocks.

Module 5– Stock Market Trading Oscillators, Candlesticks, and Chart Patterns 

April 16, 2016 (Sat) / 8:30AM-12:30PM

•   Learn advanced Technical Analysis by knowing how to read chart patterns and using oscillators and candlesticks to maximize your gains and minimize losses in the stock market.

Module 6 – Portfolio Management

April 16, 2016 (Sat) / 1:30PM-5:30PM

•   Learn the basics of proper stock allocation, stock re-balancing, how many stocks should you have in your portfolio and how to manage your fund passively by looking at it from a portfolio management perspective.


The program is open to employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers and students who want to maximize their investments in the stock market while still focusing on their job or business.


WHAT PEOPLE SAY about Marvin Germo and his books:

Ten year olds attend Marvin Germo’s “Stock Smarts” seminar. He has such a heart for helping people understand that the stock market is not a scary monster who will eat your money. A little knowledge from him goes a long way.

Maricar Reyes-Poon, Actress/Model

“Marvin is right, if our Philippine stock market is made up of mostly foreign investors, I believe it’s time to take part in the growth of our own beloved market! Time to be Stock Smart!”

Rich Alvarez, PBA Player

“In my decade of work as a journalist, no one has made the stock market sound so interesting and easy as Marvin has. .”

Bernadette Reyes, Senior Correspondent, GMA7

Marvin’s first book was an instant bestseller as it gave valuable lessons on the stock market and investing in very easy to understand layman’s language. The second book is written at a very opportune time—the Philippines is taking off and is forecast to be entering a period of strong growth for the next decade or so. With increasing wealth, people are looking for options for their hard-earned money, but may be jittery as the road ahead is never straight. This book should help reassure you, when the inevitable dips and valleys come.”

Riza Mantaring, CEO, Sun Life Financial

“Some people have a gift of simplifying the intimidating and making the elusive approachable. Marvin is one of them. Marvin’s new book is a fresh take on how investors, both beginners and veterans, can raise their chances of making money in the stock market. It is both inspirational and instructional. His investing approach will set you up on a new path of owning your dreams.”

Mike Oyson, CFA, CEO, BPI Trade

“Definitely a great read at a great time just when the Philippines and its middle class are regaining the lost ground of recent decades; presents a very practical approach to understanding the complex intricacies and not-so-apparent risks of the stock market. Most importantly, it gives the small guy a fighting chance”

David Ingles, Anchor, Bloomberg TV



Marvin Germo, RFP, ECE, is a Registered Financial Planner, best selling author, key note speaker, Brand Ambassador and personal financial consultant who is among one of the most passionate personal finance experts in the land. His energy and zeal to educate the Filipino people has translated into transformed lives, financially free families and has transformed ordinary consumers into investors.

He is an Entrepreneur and an International Financial Resource Speaker who out of his eager desire to make an impact in this nation has spoken in different spheres of society – corporations, government agencies, churches, schools, clubs, organisations, and numerous public events.

His ability to breakdown complicated investment concepts and translate it into something that is simple, basic and understandable has made him one of the most sought after money speakers in the land. He has been interviewed by Bloomberg Philippines, The ABS-CBN News Channel, Studio 23, GMA7, GMA News TV, TV 5, PTV 4, UNTV, DZMM Tele Radyo, 99.5 Play FM, 702 DZAS, 94.7 Mellow, 1067 Energy FM, Entrepreneur Magazine, Manila Bulletin, and Metro Magazine with regards to his skills in investing particularly in the stock market. Marvin is currently a stock market investment columnist for Rappler, Moneysense Magazine and BusinessMirror. He is the best selling author of two books Stock Smarts: Stock Investing Made Easy and Stock Smarts: Winning Strategies for Investing. He has just published his third book, Stock Smarts: Stress Free Investing.