Stock Smarts UAE 2018 - Marvin Germo

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Stock Smarts UAE 2018

November 16 - 20, 2018

Hyatt Place, Al Rigga Road Al Rigga Near Al Rigga Metro Station - Deira - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Stock Smarts UAE 2018
November 16 – November 20, 2018

There are such things as second chances!
A second chance to grab a learning opportunity, a second chance to re-learn and re-master!

Stock Smarts is back again with its full-packed and skills-based training courses!

If you have missed the fun and learnings last Stock Smarts, this November is your chance! Want to polish your previous learnings? This is your time too!

Marvin Germo is a stock market trader and investor. He is also the best selling author of the Stock Smart Series and Where Should You Invest? He is a personal financial consultant, CEO and President of Stock Smarts Learning and Publishing Inc., a brand ambassador, a regular financial resource for both TV and radio, and a keynote speaker both in the Philippines and Abroad.

More than inspirational, Marvin Germo’s stock investing classes are execution-centered. He believes in building the right foundation and gearing you up with the proper skills as you enter the business of stock investing.

On November 16 to 20 of 2018, we bring to you, Mr. Stock Smart’s most requested courses and a new skills-based course too! Click more on the Course Titles to know the details and what you can expect to learn.


Course 1:  Stock Smart Firm Foundation and Fundamental Analysis
(16 November 2018 | Friday | 8-6pm)

What is the Stock Market? What are the things you need to consider before investing? How do you earn? This Stock Smarts course is designed to teach you the basics on how you can start investing in the Stock Market. This will help you create a conviction for yourself on which stocks are worth putting your money on without even listening to all the hype that you can hear everywhere. This course is designed to bring out the investor in you!

Who Should Attend:

  • Employees / Entrepreneurs / Students who want to learn the Stock Smarts way of making money in the stock market.
  • Those who have no or little background in stock investing and trading.
  • Those who are already trading but want to have a firm foundation on how to profitably earn in the stock market.
  • Those who want to learn which stocks are growing and earning.
  • Traders and investors who want to know which stocks have value and are not overpriced.
  • Newbie or season investors who want to avoid basing trades on rumors and gossip.
  • For traders and investors who want to avoid over priced stocks.

What can you expect to learn:

  • A practical and engaging training workshop to help you get started in trading and earning in the PSE.
  • Learn Stock Smarts’ very own investing and trading techniques that you can apply wherever you are in life.
  • How you can react as a trader or investors based on the current action in the market.
  • Learn the concepts that you need for trading and investing and how you can directly apply it to your buying and selling.


  • Building the Right Foundation in Stock Market Investing
  • Stock Market Concepts, Myths and How to Start Investing
  • How to Identify Cheap and Expensive Stocks
  • How to Pick Good Stocks and Avoid Bad Ones

 Course 2:  Stock Smarts Core Technical Analysis & Successful Trading Techniques
(17 November 2018 | Saturday | 8-6pm)

Technical analysis is one of the best tools to time buying and selling of stocks to help each investor learn strategic ways to maximize gains and minimize losses. This course focuses on what technical analysis is, trend lines, support and resistance levels, chart patterns, chart oscillators, indicators and so much more. All with the goal to help you find the perfect timing in buying and selling stocks.

Who Should Attend:

  • Employees / Entrepreneurs / Students who want to learn the basics on to use technical analysis to time buying and selling.
  • Traders and investors who want to know strategic areas on where to buy and when to sell.
  • Newbie or seasoned investors who want to avoid basing trades on rumors and gossip.
  • Employees / Entrepreneurs / Students who want to combine all technical trading tools in buying and selling.
  • Traders and investors who want to have a firm conviction in buying and selling and stocks.


  • Basic Technical Analysis & Phases of Market Timing
  • Stock Price Drivers & Classification
  • Timing: Buying & Selling Stocks
  • Basic Chart Patterns & Oscillators

Course 3: Stock Smarts Advanced Fundamentals: Stocks Valuation and Position Sizing
(18 November 2018 | Sunday | 630pm-1030pm)

Is your chosen stock undervalued or overvalued? Knowing the stock company’s Fair Value and learning the skill to compute it will enable you to have a firmer conviction on whether you should buy or avoid a stock. Fair Value is the rational and unbiased estimate of the potential market price of a good, service, or asset.

This course will teach you how to compute the Fair Value of a company by using a variety of mathematical methods. The computation of the Fair Value of the stock would be based on stocks that have passed the criteria for companies that have durable competitive advantage. The session is a workshop type which will allow you to compute for the values yourself based on your own timeframes and holding period. After the course, you will be able to sharpen your choice of stocks through proper calculations.

Who Should Attend:

  • Those who attended the Stock Smarts Fundamental and Technical Analysis.
  • Traders and investors who want to strategically spot companies that are cheap, profitable and growing.
  • Newbie or seasoned investors who want to learn Warren Buffet’s approach on selecting good and growing companies.
  • Those who want to acquire the skill in computing a company’s worth through its earnings.
  • Traders and investors who want to have a firm conviction in buying and selling and stocks.


  • Computing the Fair Value of the company
  • Financial Ratios
  • Stock Management and Diversification
  • Position Sizing


Course 4: (NOTE: Two night sessions as one course.)
Course 4-Stock Smarts Technical Level Up 1 – Trading Oscillators and Volume-Based Trading
(19 November 2018 | Monday | 630pm-1030pm)

We introduce to you the Stock Smarts Two-Part Series Seminar (Stocksmarts Technical Level Up 1 and 2). This is a module that will further refine your technical skills! You can make the most of your trades when you use oscillators. When a clear trend is hard to distinguish in your stock company’s chart especially when it trades horizontally or sideways, Trading Oscillators will come in handy!

While Oscillators will best serve you on sideways markets, it also becomes more effective when you use other technical indicators. Volume, for example, is the simple and powerful tool that can help you. This is the indicator that you can refer to in order to determine that the move in the market has conviction. All these and more!

In this session, you will discover the different kinds of oscillators and other technical indicators that go well together – these will aide you as as you target the gain that you want to achieve!

Who Should Attend:

  • Those who attended the Stock Smarts Fundamental and Technical Analysis.
  • Employees / Entrepreneurs / Students who want to learn how Oscillators can aide in trading.
  • Newbie or seasoned investors who want to be able to quickly identify a move in the market through the use of oscillators.
  • Newbie or seasoned investors/traders who want to engage in Volume-Based Trading.
  • Newbie or seasoned investors who want to have a grasp on how trading in volume creates more earning potential.


  • Momentum and Oversold Oscillators
  • Price and Volume Oscillators
  • Stock Trading Workshops
  • Volume-Based Trading Theories and Execution

Course 4- Stock Smarts Technical Level Up 2 – Candlestick, Quick Trading and Position Trading
(20 November 2018 | Tuesday | 630pm-1030pm)

This module is the continuation of Level Up 1. There are different trading styles – Candlestick Trading, Quick Trading and Position Trading. As you progress and harness your investing skills, knowing these trading styles would be beneficial for you as you tailor-fit your own strategies. This course will equip you with the specific tools and techniques that are essential whether you prefer Quick Trading, Position Trading or a mixture of both. This session will all the more reinforce the lessons from the previous Technical Analysis Stock Smarts Sessions and will add new grounds to further your trading and investing skills.

Are you more of a Position Trader or more of a Quick Trader? Keeping track of all your trades is a key to successfully knowing which style you perform best. As you will learn how to create your Trading Scorecard in this session, you will also know how you can best track your trading performance. There will be practical exercises in this course as well for you to test the different trading styles.

Who Should Attend:

  • Those who attended the Stock Smarts Fundamental and Technical Analysis.
  • A plus for those who have read the Stock Smarts books.
  • Those who are already using technicals and want to learn more.
  • Those who want a guide on how to create a Trading Scorecard.
  • Those who want more practical examples of Chart Patterns and its application.
  • Those who want to differentiate candlestick, quick trading, and position trading.
  • Those who have basic knowledge on technicals but what to deepen their learning.


  • Quick and Position Trading
  • Trading Scorecards & Chart Patterns
  • Fibonacci Retracements
  • Tactical Trading Workshops


For five years and until now, we give high importance to our Early Birds and Investhusiasts Subscribers. Our SPECIAL RATES for 2018 are as follows:

  • Early Bird Rates (ends on September 30, 2018)
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