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Apple Stocks

Should I Sell My Apple Stocks?

By: Marvin Germo | January 12, 2017

“Hi Marvin, I am one of your Filipino followers in New York City.  First of all I would like to thank you for teaching me how to buy stocks when it reverses.  It’s one of the best things that I have learned in trading. Before I used to just guess what to buy and my excuse was because I am a long term investor everything would be okay.  But I came to my senses that I needed to learn that what I was doing was being lazy. I wish I could attend your seminars soon.   Your videos and blogs though have been very helpful to me.  With that I was able to buy AAPL at the reversal and now I am up 30% in just a few months.

I am so tempted to sell, please give me your advise on what I should do?”

Lawrence, New York City

Apple Stocks

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First of All

Congratulations on your gain!  It is my life long goal to help more and more Filipinos gain the conviction to earn in stocks! I am honored to be part of your investing and trading journey.  Keep on learning, keep on investing on yourself.  At the end of the day you will only go as far as what you know.  Invest so much in yourself that you become a great trader!

Stick to your strategy

You say that your emotions are tempting you to sell?  Don’t give in to your emotions and follow your plan!  The temptation to sell will even get bigger as the gains get bigger.  At this point you have to learn and ride out your gains well.  I assume that you are using technicals already, so if you used reversals as your buy indicator, also use reversals as your sell indicator. Stick to that and milk your investments as much as you can!

What Does the Charts Say?

If you look at the chart below all indicators are still pointing to the fact that the stock is still bullish for the short, mid and long term.  It just even broke out of the 117 USD resistance!  If you are positioned well, just maximize your position!

As of this point we don’t have any sell signals yet.  One thing you may want to watch out for should you want to take profits is if the stock breaks down from 111 and 106.  Should those areas not hold, that could be a trigger for you to take profits specially if you are a position trader.

APPL Jan 2017

Parting Shots

Hope this helps you create a reference in your trades.  God bless you abundantly and I hope that you be an inspiration to more Filipinos there that trading the market is possible!

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