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SMPH income grows

SMPH Income up 14%

By: Marvin Germo | February 21, 2017

SMPH!  One of the most favorite stock among retailers and one of the most requested stock in our #StocksByRequest sessions does it again and continues its upward growth path.  Check out the data and analysis below for more on the technicals and fundamentals of the stock and what does this mean to you as an investor!  I dream to have more and more Filipinos profitable in the stock market!

SMPH income grows

The heart of why I do this seminars is I want to build a generation of Filipinos with the right foundation in stock investing.  I want to bring smart investing to every Filipino around the world! If you would like to know more on how you could time the market checkout the trainings below.

SMPH Fundamentals

SMPH hit a net income of 23.8 Billion Pesos and grew 14% in 2016.  This was driven by its revenue from mall operations and property sales.  This constituted around 9% growth for 2016 for the firm.  I believe this trend will go on for years and years specially as the Philippines is poised to be a middle income economy very soon.  OFW remittances, the BPO industry and higher consumption power by the emerging middle class will further sustain growth in mall operations and property sales. Through my travels I have seen first hand how our OFW kababayans just keep on buying properties because they just have so much disposable income that they can sustain amortization payments as long as they have a steady job abroad.  The same goes for their purchasing power that their remittances produce each year.

Below is the 5 year historical growth of the company.

SMPH Earnings

SMPH Technicals

Looking the chart below, the stock is still in its mid and long term uptrends.  For position traders we don’t have any sell signal yet for the stock.  Continue to hold and maximize your gains.  For quick traders, a confirmation of a breakout from 31 will bring the stock to 33 and to a mid term target price of 37 should the breakout be strong enough that 31 will maintain its standing as a strong support.  However, a failure to breakout from 31 will just cause the stock to retrace to 29.4 over the short term.

SMPH Technicals

What does this  mean to you?

You can never go wrong investing in a company that’s good and growing.  SMPH has an excellent brand and a steady consumer base that will be there for years and years to come.  The heart of all of this is I want you to invest more and more.  If you haven’t invested yet, I encourage you, don’t just let foreigners earn from our market.  I believe it’s time that we see more and more Filipinos take part and earn from the PSE.  After all this is our market, this is our time as a nation to be part of the greatest economic shift that the world has yet to see.  It’s time to invest.  It’s time to be part of the growth.  God bless you!

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