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SSP Stock Update


By: Marvin Germo | July 26, 2017

This is in conjunction with the recently concluded #StocksByRequest session (Watch: Stocks By Request)  that we did! By the way, thank you so much to everyone who keeps on joining our weekly update! I really enjoy the sessions! It’s just fun to interact with different traders from different parts of the globe! To continue with my story, on the tail end of the session we had a good number of people requesting for the stock SSP. At first I actually thought they wanted SSI, but true enough it was a call for SSP. So to give it justice, I decided to create this post.

I really hope that this posts help you analyze your stocks further and you don’t just buy becauseI say so. I suggest that you study and build your own conviction.  By the way for those who are asking about what’s happening to CAL, check this video out. For those asking about VLL bonds, this is for you.


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The heart of why I do this seminars is I want to build a generation of Filipinos with the right foundation in stock investing.  I want to bring smart investing to every Filipino around the world! If you would like to know more on how you could time the market checkout the trainings below. We are doing Qatar this November and Davao this October!

1. For Position Traders

What does this show us? It shows us that the trend it pretty much intact. The the stock is still headed up. 
Trading Plan:
 The uptrend will continue as long as the stock will stay above 2.4 – 2.6.
For the meantime: It may probably experience a correction as evidence by the moving averages and the MACD.
Where will it go? It most likely will go back to the upward trend line.
If you own the stock what should you do? Hold your positions, the stock is still bullish. No need to sell. Sell once the trend is broken. Remember that the trend is your friend.


2. For Quick Traders

What does this show us? The chart shows us the stock stock failed to breakout of 3.20, it failed to hold 3 and it has a large bearish candle showing that people are trying to get out of the stock.
Trading Plan: If you own the stock you must have sold because of the parameters mentioned above.
What could possibly happen? If the stock fails to hold 2.75, it could drop further to 2.3. Your goal is to avoid a stock while it is falling down and that could happen to the stock if it fails to hold 2.75.


I hope this helps you in your trades. I really want to see more Filipinos reach their goals of financial freedom!

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